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Does anyone else suffer with extreme body temperatures, I go from burning up to freezing cold?


For quite some time I have been experiencing extreme temperatures, one minute I can be burning up and sweating profusely, and at the same time also feel cold in other parts of my body, or it can be the opposite. Sometimes I feel freezing cold, but in other parts of my body I am burning up. I had to have a hysterectomy last year, (again due to the effects of fibromyalgia), and was put on HRT. My doctor feel that it is my body screaming out for hormones, and even though the dose has been increased, nothing has changed. Does anyone else have this problem, as I don't know if it is down to menopausal symptoms or Fibro?

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Hello Sharolina and thank you for your question - I can certainly relate to all you say! I was going to say it sounds like some of what you are experiencing may be hormonal because this can cause extremes of temperature. I personally have been through my menopause and I still get boiling hot moments followed by freezing cold moments, both without warning. I can even experience freezing cold hands and feet and be boiling all over the rest of my body, can be really crazy and frustrating. I wonder have you mentioned it lately to your GP since your HRT dose was increased, might be worth checking? Sensitivity to light, sound and hot and cold is also common with Fibromyalgia. Another point worth considering may be that your meds need reviewing. I hope you manage to get some help for this really soon Sharolina! :) :)

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What I'd HRT?

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I know this is late.. But in case you still don't know HRT is referring to hormonal replacement therapy, as common after hysterectomy.


I do Sharolina and I too am not sure if it's hormones or Fibro as I've just gone through the menopause .

I'm really suffering at night and need my fan on all night , but then it can be really hot during the day and I can suddenly feel ice cold.

It's like my thermostat is broken .

I agree with Libby about having a meds review, maybe one of them is causing problems or you may need to adjust the HRT.



Hi Sharolina and welcome as we haven't met before,

I would think it is more likely to be a hormonal thing, rather than Fibro.

However, the rule of thumb is, that any new symptom should be investigated in it's own right and I would encourage your GP to understand that and not blame the symptoms on anything else until they have excluded everything else.

happy hugs, kate :)

Oh yes I suffer from heat extremes.

It was march and snowing I was wearing a vest top. Now its warming up and im really starting to feel it. Then on the other extreme it was spring I had a bath and then I was freezing.

If you can predict when the hot spells are gonna be and you sweat with it ( I would be putting deodorant every hour) I would recommend the new Maximum protection deodorant from the company that puts a 1/4 moisturiser in it. (Hope you understand that as I know we are not supposed to advertise on here)


Hi all,

I suffer from real bad hot flushes, not been through the menopause or anything. Although (my periods are very erratic). I'll have one say one month and then nothing for about 5-6 months. I get really hot, need to open all the windows and doors and sit with vest tops on, then I can get real cold. Hands, fingers, toes, all freezing. It's really crazy. Not sure if it's fibro related either, but am glad you asked the question. Big gentle hugs to you all xxxx

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If you are missing periods you are going through menopause. They told me too that I was not going through menopause that it is normal to miss periods. Yet they wanted to do biospy for no reason. I knew that I had been in menopause but they just wanted to cut me instead of doing simple bloodwork and head these tolerable conditions off at the pass. I had some sweating but nothing I couldn't handle. My main concern was not having consistent periods. tiredness. Hair thinning muscle tone loss. It was surely hormonal. I am 49. My mom went early and when u have not had a period for three months you are clearly perimenopausal. They refused to check my hormones but wanted to biopsy and cut my insides instead. What a joke. I declined the biopsy then I was told if I will submit to a routine pap then they will do bloodwork to test hormones, this was Swampscott obgyn in Swampscott ma by the way. I reluctantly agreed. They sent me to Dr Michael Reich obgyn in Salem ma. Where this dr Assaulted and cut my insides and did things very unfamiliar from a pap. The cutting pain was severe. I bled for weeks off and on then started getting unbearable periods again for about 3 months again, I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH PAIN WITH MY PERIODS BEFORE AND now suffer EXTREME BODY HEAT, THEN COLD. ENOUGH TO RUIN MY LIFE. dark circles under my eyes. All over body pain. Hip neck head shoulder pain AND especially my legs. Ive lost most my hair and it was the gynos that caused this. I was a high functioning woman heading into menapause it was not that bad. My mom NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS EXTREME CRAP. IT WAS RELATED TO WHAT THESE DOCTORS ARE DOING. THEY LIE ABOUT HORMONES and menopause and the assisstant that was in the room with this doc when I felt him cut me did NOTHING WHILE I CRIED IN CONFUSION. i was not allowed to speak with her either after. She refused to talk to me . BRING YOUR OWN CHAPERONE THE ONES THE DOCTORS USE WILL NEVER PROTECT U. THEY ARE THERE TO PROTECT AND HELP THE DOCTOR NOT YOU!!!!! The bloodwork he did PROVED I WAS IN FULL BLOWN MENOPAUSE. yet at that time my symptoms were NOT SEVERE. only after what he did did my symotoms get life changing. Please spread the word. Something is going on for me to get attacked like that and now suffer these severe symptoms. He destroyed my life. THIS fibro stuff is getting more common and I feel they are messing with menopausal women. Please pay attention my fellow woman. My goal is to protect my fellow woman. Im sorry if this scares you but it was real. please share my story with your friends. We need to protect ourselves. Informed women are stronger women. We should not have to suffer at their hands. While they live comfortably. They are NOT GOD!!!!!

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I am so sorry you had to go through this. What we as patients don't realize until it's too late, is that we are in charge of our own bodies, not the doctors. Can you go for a second opinion and sue this doctor that did this to you???? I hope you can do something because that wasn't right. I am going through hot flashes, I've gone through menopause now 14 yrs. But found out I had Hashimoto's disease, and they took my thyroid out...But, recently I get so hot and sweaty, I can't stand it. Then I get cold. They have increased my thyroid, because it was very low, but it takes about 4-6 weeks to get in my system. I also have fibromyalgia. I'm hoping these hot flashes go away soon. Kitty-cho

I signed up to this site just to reply to you.

Have your doctor test your cortisone levels.

Tell me, besides the missed periods - any unexpected or sudden weight gain? Any pink or red stretch marks? By your picture I can see the classic "moon face" that I see in the mirror everyday. I too experience the extreme hot sweaty attacks that mysteriously go away with a fan in my face but hands and feet freezing. Turns out I might have something called CUSHINGS DISEASE that is VERY OFTEN misdiagnosed as Fibro, PCOS and/or menopause. It's labeled a rare disease because it so often misdiagnosed. I also have loss of hair (shedding), dry skin, heart palpitations and PAIN in my left arm, chest, back, neck and headaches. But the sweating when everyone else is comfortable or flat out freezing is what really gets me. I used to NEVER sweat and now any little exertion and I'm covered in sweat in the head neck chest and back regions. Underarms, not so much lol!

If any of this sounds like you (and it's doesn't have to be ALL of it - some CUSHINGS patients have little to no symptoms but weight gain and moon face - look up CUSHINGS Syndrome or Disease (same symptoms but different) and compare your symptoms. For me, it was a lightbulb or AHA! Moment. I talked to my doctor, he agreed and said lets get you tested. Still waiting on tests ATM.

Good luck!

I was diagnoised with fibro 8 years ago...most days I feel like I have been beat by a sock full of marbles :-( I have had hot flashes and night sweats for 4 years, mine is not related to fibro...mine is menopause...what Id give for a night of more that 3 hours of sleep!

hi ya, i have bad hot flushes with sweating all over and then i go extreamly cold, it is so uncomfortable, i have been diagnoised with fibro about 10 years ago now and i didnt know if it was related to that or the menopause as im only 41, the doctor has given me some tabs to control the flushes as i cant go on HRT, the tabs have helped alot but i still get it less than what it was like, ive been on them now 10 days, so fingers crossed, i suffered that bad at night my bed would be soaking and id get up and go extreamly cold... i thought i was the only one that suffered, im still really not sure if it to do with fibro or going though the change but the tabs are working so far for me...

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Do you remember what the name of the pills were and did they work. I’m desperate.

I am not sure what this is related to but I suffer exactly the same and have done for years. I remember walking to school without a coat in the snow. I cannot stand hot weather. However one minute I am really hot and sweating then freezing cold.

About 8 years ago I went to the DR to see if it was the menopause and found out I was diabetic and when sugars are out of control it gets worse


Hi Sharolina, I have been experiencing the same thing. I went through the menopause early, took me by surprise (I even did a pregnancy test.) I have been on HRT for about ten years. there are different types , I take PrempakC highest dose and have had no symptoms until recently. I am off to the docs tomoz and will ask him about it too. Good luck , Caz


Hi yes one min i am sripping off the next i am freezing it is strange but i dont know there are so many weird things connected to fibro you just seem to accept it all and get on with itdont you lol love diddle x

Yep I have especially over the last few days. I've been sat with a snuggie round me & even put the heating on the other night. I think there have been a ref of us suffering with this recently x

i had my hysterectomy in 2007 so well past my menopause i don't take hrt and i get hot and cold it is the fibro i had a night like it last cover on then on then off it is a nightmare also suffer with cold hands and feet. i have noticed since taking ad-cal vitamin d from doctor my hands stay fairly warm now. my feet still get cold and restless which drives me mad. [:))]

I was about to ask the same question then I spotted yours so thanks for that.

I am passed my menopause, never taken HRT not had a hysterectomy either. I too have been experiencing sweating and stripping of one minute then cold and wrapping up the next. I personally think mine is to do with fibro and everything being out of sync. Possibly our thermastat has gone a bit haywire :(

Angel hugs x

Hi Sharolina - yes, I get that too. My other half says I must be part lizard - I have to have the house really hot to warm up, especially my hands and feet and then other times, my hands will suddenly be red hot, or the whole of me is boiling up for no reason. Fibro seems to short circuit the body's natural thermostat

Yes hun im having the same problem its change of life plus can be one of the symtoms of fibro x

Sharolina in reply to lulu09

Thanks to everyone that has shared personal experiences in order to respond to my question. It has again proved to me (and my husband), that this is also something that's not only in my head!!!!

Hi sharolina ive got loads of symtoms till i went to docs and he said i think coz of all the xrays and blood tests tht hes giving me i may have firbo i started to think i had it all in my head hun andso did my hubbie its aweful to have as im going through a change of life as welland having a bad time x

Hi all,

further to my question (3rd July) about a dysfunctional body thermostate - I went to see my Doc yesterday, and we are both in agreement that it could well be down to the side effects of Gabbapentin tablets. So I have stopped taking them and will check in with him again on Friday, to see if things have improved or not. Good thing, is that now I have morphine to take been when I need it!

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Hi Sharolina... I just joined this group today (12th August, 2016!) Your post regarding extremes in body temps came up as a match to a Google search I did just last night! I have been trying to contact you since... I wanted to ask if stopping the Gabapentin (Neurotin) made ANY difference in the sweating-freezing? I was shocked to see that BOTH extreme sweating and icy cold temp fluctuations are actually "known side effects" for Gabapentin!

At any rate... I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. My group name is "DebRedFox" and you can see my post to the group from earlier today. - - - I realize that your original post date was FOUR YEARS ago... but isn't it something that you've reached out and helped someone 4 years Post?..... and "across the pond" to boot!

I sincerely hope this finds you feeling even a tiny bit better! As I read thru your various posts it sounds like (most importantly) you've found YOU again! Your piece about that touched me deeply as I too (as many I'm sure) can find bits of myself/themselves in there. 😊

Peace & Love, Deb

Yes and this is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced as far as body temperature Ian ashamed to be around people they think I am crazy and if I could get some sleep with waking up from sweat or being so cold something have to give

yes definitely I have big issues with cold breezes. goose bumps and it hurts all over my skin.

Hello, this sounds like small fiber neuropathy. Skin biopsy usually will let you know for sure

I can't stand the heat and can be feeling like i'm burning up inside but still have a cold back or feet. During the afternoon I can feel really really cold. I too have described it as having a broken thermostat. I have an underactive thyroid, I also had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and am on HRT but a couple of weeks ago found out I have type 2 Diabetes. Neither my doctor nor consultant have given me the reasons for this, so it could be any of the above and/or the fibromyalgia - it does help to know that it isn't just me or 'all in my mind!' so thanks for the question and all the shared replies.

I am very oversensitive to temprature often cant get comfy at night to hot or to cold but i know one of the meds they put me on gave me sweats and flushes and i dont normaly sweat at all so it was the medication it was a patch

may be the tablets or medication is causing a lot of the problems i realised it was the patch and went cold turkey on it

no more sweats

Sharolina, My mom has exactly the same symptoms. She had breast implants and they now suspect the silicone is leaking and poisoning her body. OK she is 73 years of age, so no menopause I hope. I know that an implant can poison the body, but I am thinking now fybro. She has been burning and then ice cold for years. Maybe I got the answer from you. Always test your lymphocytes and if they are enlarged you will now your body is trying to fight off an infection. Be strong

Hi sharoline Iam new here and having these hot flushes( blows) which causes me dizzy spells unbalanced for 10 years and recently came to know about fibro all my blood test negative except folic acid. Relaxation got me much better

hi im going through the same thing its crazy driving me insane its also making me so tired .. can you tell me what meds the dr gave you as i dont want to take hrt

I too sweat profusely and then go cold, it's not the menopause I'm 61. My gp is sending me for tests and ECG, I am so uncomfortable at the moment - feel like putting my feet in the freezer although usually it's my face and neck sweating. Doc suggested tachycardia - very scary.


Not due to hormonal

Down more to fibromyalgia

Not 100% certain but assume comes with it.

Hello there, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I have been through a similar experience. I went to many family planning/sexual health clinics to have some tests done. I was abused during the test and felt really awful afterwards. I put in complaints and even had a letter back from one clinic to say that the nurse wasn't trained enough to carry out the test. I think you will notice that in a lot of businesses like dr surgeries, supermarkets, any where the public goes there are strong chemical smells. I have noticed this a lot. I believe these chemicals are interferring with our hormones, adrenals and pituatory which will bring on a host of symptoms. I believe we are just guinea pigs. I have the bags under my eyes which I have never had all my life, the pains in my feet, hip and neck. If you look up CFS/ME which is closely affected by the hypothalamus, pituatory and adrenals you will see a lot of your symptoms. I have had to take extra Vit C, B complex, magnesium, zinc and calcium. I have had to double the amount of Vit C. I believe these chemicals are wiping out our vitamins and minerals. You probably need to check your vits and minerals. After the abuse with the gynae tests I have been complaining and also felt like you, that you wanted to protect other women. I personally think that they are running down the NHS so that we will all go private. Also I don't think a lot of these people are trained properly and because of the economic climate they need to pass certain tests to progress so they need guinea pigs to practice on like you and me. Also don't eat processed foods and change to fresh from scratch cooking which will elimate a lot of rubbish getting into your system. Look at your diet closely and make changes. I think were just living in a police state right now and of course the police closely work with the nhs etc. so it doesn't surprise me that we are being interferred with so much. They need lots of criminals and guinea pigs to practice on and abuse.


Hi im feel what you feel . i have just wrote a post on this. omg i am not the only one xx


I can relate to that as i am always freezing the main parts on my body are my legs but its funny because its only from my Knees to feet and my hands that's all every where else is warm but i do have such a heavy headache all the time with pain can anyone please tell me if this is normal and the pain that goes up and down my shines is horrendous.

Some nights, my feet are freezing and I can't get them warm. This week I cleaned on the shelf and bins in the refrigerator at work and I overheated. After 30 minutes, I still had not cooled down. I vomited, made it home, took some Phenergan for the nausea and finally cooled down.... 1 1/2 hours later. I can tell you that it's not from hormones. I had a complete hysterectomy 20 years ago and have been on closely monitored natural hormone replacement therapy ever since. Up until the past two years, I had only experienced an afternoon 'hot flash' everyday at 3 pm. Now I can't do any physical activity without my body overheating. No yardwork, no housework, no kidding... yesterday I washed a few dishes and put a few things away and my forehead was wringing wet and I was 'giving off an extreme amount of heat. I sat down to cool off and an hour later, I needed a blanket because I had chills.

So I goggled "reasons your body overheats" and results point to...Fatty Liver. It's the same condition that preempts cirrhosis in heavy drinkers. YIKES!

I'm going to start on a liver cleanse and take supplements like alfalfa and green tea, cut out all added sugar, and especially high fructose cornsyrup. But.. I'm also going to ask my doctor for a liver enzyme test to confirm and a biopsy if need be. ( and I rarely drink any alcohol.)

Hey there Ican'tbelievethis,

Funny you should mention fatty livers, as about 3 years ago after suffering for months with an uncomfortable and extremely bloated stomach, I was sent for an ultra sound. This was to check if I had a hernia somewhere in my stomach, and fortunately nothing was found.

However, what they did discover is that I have a 'very' enlarged liver, and that it was probably something I was born with, but is nothing to worry about. I was told it was about 3-4 times larger than average, and does explain why my stomach protrudes.

I still get these mad bouts of extreme temperatures, but have noticed that lately I when am overheating I don't always sweat profusely. I know my body clocks are all messed up, and even though I went back to HRT pills, it didn't resolve this problem. So in my eyes, this is definitely a 'fibro' symptom. One thing that I have found does help, is that I always wear loose clothing and natural fabrics so my skin can breathe. If I wear anything close fitting, I find it makes the problem much worse.

Good luck! Sx :)

Trablazin in reply to Sharolina


I have the sweating symptoms. Thought I was going through menopause although I had a hysterectomy in 2012. Found out from a skin biopsy I have. Small fiber neuropathy. I get burning sensations in my legs and then I break out into a sweat. I also have fibro. I took the gabapentin but stopped cause Tylenol works the same. I keep mine calm by my diet and making the flu bomb suggested by Barbara Oneil. Helps me sleep.

Everyday at 5pm my body gets very hot inside. I don't have Fibro, but have very disabled neurological system. Also through with menopause for ten years. I get freezing most of the other times. I even have to get under the elec. blanket in summer. I also have hypothyroid and hypoglycemia.

Conventional medicine can't really help me. My guess is that is related to either thyroid, blood sugar or nervous system.

that even makes me feel better when I see somebody else but the same problem

Please help I'm running on fumes when I'm asleep I sweat when I'm a wake I sweat. when I sit close to anyone or hold anyone. just keep running outside to cool down or put fans on. as soon as I close my eyes the hot flush starts and everything heats up. is bed,sofa floor. you can fill the heat. can't even wear my glasses as they steam up. I have tried to ignore it but I get hotter and hotter so have to get up . any ideas what this is I have it everyday it's been months since I slept more than a couple of hours .

Hey there Leanne14,

I have made some changes that seems to have had a positive effect with the sweating problem, which though not cured is definitely much better.

Firstly, I have to use a lot of moisturising lotions on my skin and in the bath water, but what I was getting on script were usually emollients of some kind and tend to sit on the skin rather than being absorbed. So when mixed with water or sweat in this case, it was making matters much worse. I have since changed to using Nivea Rich Moisturiser cream, and have found that it has alleviated this problem, while still being good for my skin.

Secondly, I noticed that mixed fabrics also made matters worse, as they tend to trap heat, and exacerbate the sweating. So now, pretty much everything I wear, and my bed linen is cotton or other natural fibres. When I am in bed, I have found this makes a huge difference, as I am covered with a few thin layers, rather than a heavy duvet or blankets.

Thirdly, wearing clothing that is fitting or close to my skin, made me feel as though my skin couldn't breathe, so now I wear loose fitting clothing that allows air to move freely around my body. At least now, when I do get over heated, it doesn't last for too long.

I also have a few hand fans close by, so on my bed, on my desk and in my bag, which proves to be very useful for a quick cool down.

These are just a few things that I have found have helped me, and obviously your situation will be different to mine. But I found that making these adjustments have helped to reduce the problem and my discomfort.

Hope this helps, and good luck! Sx :)


i am only 14 and i suffering with hot flushes and then cold again is this because iam growing up or what

I get hot flushes and it’s awful -it’s not medication or hrt related as I’m a boy ( well pretty sure I am

Lol )

Ltfoot11 in reply to robpw

Perhaps there is another reason for these flashes. EMF pollution (or just pollution), changes in magnetic fields of the earth, or something else “THEY “ would not tell us. Maybe it is in the body and treatable. When I move, if my symptoms go away, I will have some work to do. My floor of an apartment building is off the scale on EMF readings. And basement garage. I checked each floor , both buildings. I guess I need to know how to document this. At least, unshielded lines that can be corrected. I have never had these problems before moving to this location...yeah and “THEY “ diagnosed me with fibromyalgia as well as breast cancer...pick one. Fans are great. And every once in awhile, if you time it right, you can jump into a freezing pool and feel great! ( while your friends freeze their Too bad we can’t turn it on and off, after all, we live in these bodies. I’ll let you know!

Hello.. i read your story. Im going through the exact same thing right now and idk what it is. I had a hysterectomy due to fibromyalgia a year in a half ago and now experiencing thee worst hot and freezing flashes. Any luck on some answers as to why this is happening?

Sharolina in reply to Sftballmum

Hey there,

To be honest, nothing much has changed with the drastic changes in temperature for me, if anything I have just learnt to cope better with the symptoms. Having read through some of the other comments on here, it would appear that there are many of us who suffer with the same issue. It confirms to me that I'm not on my own, but it is also appears to be a common thread with fellow Fibro-warriors.

I have noted in the comments, that a few of us have had hysterectomies, for different reasons and at various ages, and there may well be a possible link to that.

But all I can say, is that I have not found a magic cure for it yet, and each of us are very individual when it comes to Fibre. But good luck and I hope things get better for you. Sx :)

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