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Does anyone else suffer from hair loss?


I have been losing my hair for ages now - every time I brush my hair there are lots of hair in the brush - even when I run my fingers through my hair I always end up with lots of hair. It's as though I am casting! Anyone else have this?

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hi hun,

i use to have a thick head of hair but its so thin now,loads of hair was comming out daily,my hairdresser told me it could be my meds or the dye that i use, wish i could go back a few years to when my hair was thick lol xx

Lost all my hair aged 12 (now 50). which I believe was the start of all my problems. Over the following 38 years my list of diagnoses has grown ever longer. I also believe this is auto immune problem, aggravated by stress and emotional distress. This does not mean you will lose all your hair, and if by chance you did does not mean will never grow back because this is quite rare and I am "just unlucky" (lol), There is no cure or treatment because the cause or mechanism behind this condition is still not understood. The best I could recommend is to take care, be kind to yourself, try to keep to healthy diet with lots of iron/b12, and last but not least to develope a warped sense of humour which can be a life saviour. It would be nice I think @ times if we could stop time and wait for medical science to catch up!!

hi are you on vitamin d tablets they are called ad-cal .all ppl with fibro have very low vitamin d my consultant done blood test and my vitamin d was 0 i have been on them a year my hair has grown back my nails are lovely now. also my vitamin d level is 55 it should be 175 also have to be on them for life. i told my support group and most of them was not on it they have been to docs and got the vitamin d. hope that helps get some blood test also healthy diet and cut out sugar i been on healthy diet for about six weeks and lost half a stone with out excise as pain to bad. .xx[:))]

mine is thicker and gone wavy xx

What levels of vit D should we be taking? Just on the Holland and Barrett website lol

I have had problems with my hair, whether due to fibro or not I don't know. My hair was breaking off as opposed to falling out, and I know use a shampoo soap bar and a leave in conditioner from Lush. They were originally designed for afrocarribian hair which apparently breaks off at a certain length. My hair has been much better since converting.


hi wheelz my hair on my head is ok but i lost all hair on my legs and arms over the years specalist noticed it when he was excaming me he said it was due to nerve damage .xx

Yes! I have suffered hair lose too and taken Natural Hair Regrowth Supplement from in order to reverse my hair and its totally worked for me!

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