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my body temperature seems to be out of wack ... im either extremely hot or freezing cold

my body temperature seems to be out of wack i will one minute be shivering cold to the point i feel like im in snow the next i am burning up and sweating and needing every window open ... im 21 with no prior health issues and i have a healthy diet.. i am starting to worry a little as its seems to be a constant issue

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Hi Gail I'm 72 and still getting the hot flushes, fibro can do this to you, also soe meds can, I have to have a fan on constantly, winter or summer, what meds are you taking ? ...sending you gentl hugs ....Dee x


Dee u got that right about a fan. My bf thinks um nuts cause he will be holding me at ni te n bed and I will have the ceiling fan on with a ground fan blowing on me with 2 comforters then say babe can y move over um hot and start taking everything off, only to put everything back on cause shortly after that um freezing.


Yes fibro can do that but at 31 I had an emergency hysterectomy and shot straight into menopause. That sucks. Now at 38 @ my endometriosis gone after the hysterectomy I hve bad anxiety...

I would like to thank man 4 giving us wonen sonething that start with a man.

1st menstrual

2nd his ter rec tomy lol

3rd men o pause.

Dayumm men. Lol

Have a good night

Thoufht I'd make my fellow fibro ers laugh.



Hi I had hysterectomy when I was 36, so I do understand what you mean, but i did ask the doc about 4 yrs ago why am I getting hot flushes still, she had a blood test done and apparently hormones are all over the place which is being caused by the fibro, I have to say that the hot flushes seem a little different to menopause flushes, I don't get the red face, it's just a clammy sweat and I'm so wet, have you tried kalms they are pretty good, they do lessen it a little ...gentle hugs ...Dee xxx


Hi dee thankyou for helping :) i was diagnosed about 4months ago so im still pretty new to trying to sort myself out and understanding everything .. im on cocodimal (cant spell) at the moment as ive been having more pain around my hip area which has now become more a neusence for getting around ... ive been told that meditation can help with sleeping but it works until my temperature decides to play up and keep me awake :( can you recommend anything? .. hope your feeling okay aswell :) x


Hi Gail, as I was just telling missfiness, have you tried Kalms they are pretty good they do control the sweats a little they can also help you sleep, but ask. The pharmacist first if they are ok to take with whatever medication you are on, the other one that may help is 5htp , just don't forget what suits one may not suit another, you can get this tablets from heathshop or go in lie to "healthspan" they have some good multivitamins fr different ages to, I've been told that all fibro sufferes should take a good multivitamin , hope this helps, sending you a soft gentle hug....Dee xxx


One of the best things I find is a hot water bottle , not fun when it's boiling but effective. Xx😇


also i was having reactions to medications they were trying me on so right now regular painkillers like cocodimal and ibroprohen are all im taking as its the only things not causing reactions :( so there still trying to find ones that will actually work for me :( x


Omg I had to go through the same thing, m on dilaudid now but he tried that Nucynta gurl I woke up with hives n a rash. I was going craz being that I have exzema.

Good luck and if u no something that works that u may have been given in the hospital I would tell him that so u don't have to go through trial and error. That's wat I did with my doctor.



I feel the same I'm driving everyone mad in my office with the fan the other day I was so hot I had the fan on high I blow the maintenance mans paper work off the desk lol 2 minutes late I was cold and putting the heating. Like you I'm only on pain killers and a sleeping pill x


its soo irratating! id like to stay either hot or cold be so much easier to just be one! ahaa.. are you just on regular painkillers? and have to tried anything else that youve found that works or just helps a little.. because i have some good days where its kind of bareable but then there are other days in horrible :( .. and thanks for your reaponse :) x


Hi, I've been though the menopause and come out the other side, but for the past 3 yrs I have been having unbearable hot sweats. Never knowing what to wear as one minute I would be, as you would say, normal, the next I would be so hot that my clothes would be wringing wet. I've had to have my hair cut really short, as it would be wet also and trying to dry it would be just impossible until I cooled down again. I feel the sweat would start on my head and work downwards, it would literally drip off my face. I have to have a fan on every night, all night, just to get some kind of sleep,but not much.Then next day would be so tired cos of lack of sleep and so be in more pain. This has been so debilitating that I went to docs and demanded some meds to alleviate it. The doc prescribed me some kind of blood pressure tablet, 2 twice a day, I misread the dosage initially and took one twice daily. GUESS WHAT? Even though I was told that they probably would not work, as most medications would not, NO MORE SWEATS. After 2wks and that was on half the dosage. Since my 1st prescription I have had an odd sweat, probably four or five in three months, which I can cope with. I was having almost continuous sweats day and night . So don't suffer, try and do what I've done, some things don't work for everyone, but if you don't try, you won't know. Best of luck and big, gentle hugs.


Wat med was it called because I def need some relief and do not want a hormone patch. I hope it works for me:)


hi, are you taking tramadol ? I had the same problem when I took them, just a thought :)


I take Nortriptyline, which is currently working very well for me. It doesn't completely stop the temperature issues but at least I sleep better (that and the new mattress!) and since it is a bit of a mood enhancer, even if I wake up hurting I'm pretty cheerful, lol.

I tend to run hot but find it hard to get warm if I get cold.



Be careful taking tryciclic antidepressants. The may cause havoc on your heart. Please try something else.


This is a very old post. My dose was halved last year since I'm on the top dose of tramadol these days, amongst others. Some of which help prevent serious health problems from getting out of control.

I did get heart palpitations from the higher dose but thankfully not any more.

I accept I will need most of these meds for the rest of my life. Without most of them, I doubt I'd still be here to type this. I suspect a small dose of nortriptyline isn't the worst of my problems.

Still suffer from the ridiculous temperature swings and issues though. *sigh*


Omg I'm so relived that I'm not the only one this happens to. I was really starting to think that I'm crazy and totally loosing the plot! I have only just been diagnosed nearly two months ago, apart from the pain killers and referal to mental health team, I won't had any help or information or support given to me or my family. I am lucky that I have a husband even though through his work his not here that much, I do have 3 kids , 15, 11 and a 4 year old daughter. I was working part time intel this week. I have be awake for two nights in a row now with the sweats and shivers, being hot and cold almost at the same time and not knowing how to manage it, I went to bed at 7 am this morning as most of my household was weakling up I was just finally was comfortable enough to dose off. I've been wrecked all day hardly able to move and had to rely on my crutches

downstairs. But my trips have only been to the toilet, sofa and back to bed again.

I am really struggling and just want to be normal again. I used to love to dance, swimm and morse ride now I can't even make it to the loo without help and I'm only 37 years old.

I was feeli better when the pain consultant gave me duloxetine but I couldn't go for a no 2 for 4 weeks! So iv.e come off it. They gave me a replacement but I was scared to take it in case it had the Sam effect. I keep getting the feeling that I'm a guiny pig for the GPS. Dose anyone else feel like that and what medication have you found helpful ?

I feel very happy for you that you managed to make it to e park. It must have felt like a great achievement, I feel like that when I get a day like you, and I agree it is def worth it even though we suffer the next day.


I am always colder than everyone else. I always have many more layers on than everyone. Yet I think because my body gets peculiar messages I then get very clammy for having too many layers on and start to sweat on the inside till I am wringing wet inside my clothes and then it goes cold and damp and I feel cold again. But my solution is to stick wads of bog roll or kitchen roll between my skin and vest. That helps, so it can absorb the sweat, except trails of screwed up bog roll keep appearing round the house or wherever I am!


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