does anyone suffer with burning sensation in their elbows and knees ?

I have been getting a burning feeling in my elbows and knees over the past 3 months I have seen my gp and he has referred me to the Musculoskeletal clinic for my knees ( incase there is any damage) but he says that the sensation in my elbow and knees are to do with my fibro I have been having problems with my left leg being swollen and giving way for months, Just wondered if anyone else has the same problem ?

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  • Hiya, I've had exactly the same, its probably all down to fibro. I had it explained to me that the muscles and tendons had made the joints sit funny, sort of pulling due to inflammation and tencing up. They did find arthritis in my knees though too. X

  • Hi Michphil,

    Fibro doesn't cause swelling! If you have a swollen, unstable knee, it's almost certainly caused by arthritis, so maybe go back and take issue with your doc!

    The standard treatment for this is to aspirate the fluid and inject some cortisone. This is pretty nearly painless and usually very effective.

    Moffy x

  • Hiya, I agree with Moffy as I have had a problem with my knee since falling some years ago and when I had an MFI they said I had a tare in my knee cap and Arthritis in the other, now as the years have gone by I get a burning sensation and I was referred to the Orthopaedic Clinic and they give me Cortisone injections which normally settle it down, he has not once suggested it is Fibro! Aisha x

  • I do have Arthritis in my knees perhaps the burning is that then, just thought it was fibro because most things are.

  • I have been told I have osteoarthritis in my knees ankles and hands so I know that this is the swelling, but this burning sensation is unbearable most of the time. It gets to a point that I just want to chop my limbs off. I can not straighten out my right arm any more. Just the slightish movement sets the burning off and if it gets tapped I fly through he roof. This is getting worse as the days go on. As I am right handed it is getting difficult cutting up my own food and getting dressed myself in now impossible. I feel a real burden on my husband and I am finding it hard to accept that I need more looking after than he does. There is a age gap and I always thought he would need me first not the other way round. I am off to the clinic on the 8/7 so I will see what they have to say. Thank you for your info x

  • Oh dear it does all get us down all this pain, I am sure your husband does not see you as a burden, I to have osteoarthritis in my knees and they swell bad which I hate, I going soon to docs about the burning, hope you have some success with yours. x

  • hi I to have been getting burning sensations in my knees and down to my feet, it as been keeping me awake at night, I thinking of going to docs, this illness is so weird it seems to effect everything.

  • Hi i have fibro and i have just come on the net to look up this problem as my knees are so painful at the moment feel s like aching and burning like they are scalded with boiling water i also have a burning most of the time in my right elbow and today in my feet too .i feel really low today with all this i have been trying to make myself well gone on healthier diet juicing veg etc .i have been took off my sickness benefit and i am trying to get well to start some kind of work i really want to get well but finding it hard to just cope with household chores etc i have always been a hard worker i cant stand sitting around doing nothing another thing i am getting puffy hands and my knees feel like they are swelling they feel like lead just want to share some symptoms

  • Hi Elaine02,

    Welcome to the forum, I am sorry you are experiencing this symptom and yes unfortunately it is what it says on the tin "FIBRO " why have they took you off your sickness benefit ? I would appeal against this as I think a lot of others on here would agree with me. The people who do this to us on the benefit system do not know what we go through day to day. Please try and keep your chin up and fight the benefits on their decision to take you off your benefit. No matter what we do we will never be well enough to work full time. I have had this since 2001 and I have gone down hill in the past 2 years. Please if you need to talk send me a message I will get back to straight away and there a lot of good advisors on here so do not be shy and ask any question you need to. Go and she your gp and be asked to be referred to some one in your area for your pain management etc.

    Gentle hugs xx

  • Oh my word I thought I was going crazy,I have just entered burning ankles and elbows into Google as at my wits end and it brought me here - had no idea this was a fibro forum and guess what surprise surprise I have been diagnosed in last couple of years. The problem I am having at the minute is my doctor seems to have given up and basically now greets any new symptom as 'lose weight', I came out in tears last time as she may as well have been repeating 'because you're fat' over and over.. I told her my knees had been agony since birth of eldest 23 years ago and even at half weight I am now and they were still agony... and how do I lose weight from my elbows?!!

    I make few excuses, weight has increased through hysterectomy and other ops and struggling to lose, constant pain and lack of mobility doesn't help. But I struggle to accept this more recent thing especially my legs from shin down... I joked to my husband I'll copy that chap in the mountaineering film that chewed his own arm off though knowing my luck I'd put 6lbs on!! Doctor didn't examine just "achiles tendonitis (because you're fat)" I get some swelling above heel and feels like hot pokers in there and various points on my ankle/foot. Shall I push for more help, I can't work as I lose days just sleeping and struggling to walk to the bathroom other days I can get house cleaned, dinner made and feel like I need gold medal (when did that stuff feel normal I can't remember..) Would be great to get some financial help but my doctors says if I do psychologicaly it will make me worse as I'd have to prove I was ill.. which would then make me act ill (?!!) Sorry for the ramble but just so relieved to know I'm not making this stuff up (because I'm fat) bit of fibro humour there or else what can you do! Thanks for listening.

  • My knees sometimes feel like they are pain, just burning..They told me before that I have chondrocalcinosis.

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