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Stumbled on a useful supplement - vitimin B complex with brewers yeast

Hi everybody

I'm generally just a lurker, reading everyone else's blogs, but I thought I'd put this out to see if anyone else has used it or has any feedback.

I had a long period of illness where I took some antibiotics, and I remembered years ago a pharmacist telling me to take vitimin B complex at the same time, as the antibiotics can strip it from your body. Well, I've been taking them daily for almost two months and I've noticed my energy levels rising, along with my mood. I'm convinced its making a difference.

As well as Fibro, I've got hypothyroidism and various other issues.

Anyone else take B complex?


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its funny I was just talking about brewers yeast a few days ago, its an age old remedy and used to be really cheap, I was thinking of taking it again


I am also going to give it a go, no harm trying. x


i have heard vit B taken with folic acid helps was gonna try this but just started taking magnesium so gonna let my system get used to that first.


The vit B with brewers yeast sounds like a good idea. The only problem is my stomach is not good with yeast. Also I though yeast was bad for fibro sufferers?


Oh! I didn't know that. I've been left to fend for myself, and only pick up tips from other fibro sufferers. Even so, I really feel the benefit, so I'm sticking with it. Maybe I should cut out the bread though, and see what happens. Thanks for the tip.



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