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Vitamin B deficiency

We've found out that my partner has a vitamin B deficiency last week.

Wondering if this is to do with the fibromyalgia or if the fibromyalgia is a result of this - anyone else have this?

So now more tablets to take bit fingers crossed may improve things a bit for him!! He's down lately about the amount of medication he's taking 😞 But doing so well I think to maintain his job as a painter and decorator when he's in so much pain

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Hi, I cannt absorb B12 which I have injection every 12 weeks. These days I don't know if they do me any good as I feel shattered most days through lack of good sleep. And pain, best wishes


Hi there,

I have read many times on here of people struggling with vit B 12 deficiency like Poppy above and there are lots of articles about this on the web. Here is a link to one which you may find interesting If you put Vit B and Fibro into your search engine you will come up with many more articles - I hope this is of help to you and your husband. 😊

I used to have to have the injections myself, but things seem to have improved, no rhyme or reason really, but I'm rather relieved not to have to have darts thrown at my bottom on a regular basis any more 😉😃😃😃

Foggy x


i take B-12 &D as well as fosomax(?) to help my bones . I have noticed that several on here take these plus a lot take calcium and magnesium. For me My opinion is that it is Fibro related. I think the over action of our nerves causes us you use certain vitamins and minerals at a faster rate than normal. But like I said my opinion only.


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that he can find some resolution to this issue. I am unaware of any connection between Vitamin B deficiency and Fibro but many Fibro sufferers have a Vitamin B deficiency.

I personally have a Vitamin D problem and have a prescribed supplement. I want to sincerely wish you both all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I also have a B12 deficiency and very low folic acid so have the injectiins every 3 months, you can't make up a deficiency of B12 through diet alone.

I think it depends on how low your levels are if you have pills or the injections.

My GP has said that i will have to be on the injections for life, i'm so used to needles now that it doesn't bother me anymore although they sting like hell - only for a minute or two.



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Thank you everyone - I can see what all of you are saying when I hear my partner it echoes what you're all going through - he like you is also so exhausted from the pain and lack of sleep he can't tell what's doing him any good, what's working or not and now another tablet to add to his collection has just made him more fed up x


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