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Is there a card or medi bracelet to buy with info on it about the user having Fibro?

My friend has M.S. She has a card stating this to show if anyone challenges her for using the Disabled Loos etc. Or if she is in dire need of using the toilets in a store that has no Disabled facilities.

I wondered if there was an outlet where badges, bracelets etc can be bought? I am not ashamed that I have Fibro! And sometimes I fall etc if out, and it might be helpful for people to know that I am not simply a drunk ! :)

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I just had a look on ebay under disabled bracelet, there are some where you can add your own medical condition or some per-made ones, take a looksy.

Thanks for that Silverstar!

If you put medical bracelet you get a lot more to choose from

That's good to know. Thanks. I keep saying to my little girl that I want to get a t-shirt printed in very large letters I AM NOT DRUNK - I HAVE FIBROMYALGIA :)

It really does worry me that people think I'm drunk. I'm 52, I keep being told I look well and I'm in so much pain I want to scream at them. My balance is appalling and I've already had 4 bad falls in the street, let alone when I'm at home


Coz1, Its one of the reasons I stay at home as much as I least if and when I fall, which is often, its usually only me and my dog who witness it!

At least I get sympathy from my dog!! ;)

I know that the majority of the public have no idea what Fibro is..and if they do, it is limited knowledge.

And that is because it has had little this perhaps due to it only recently being recognised as a condition and not a group of symptoms.

We need more awareness, as lets face it, its not going to go away is it!!

So if they witness anyone wobbling around , or falling down, they laugh, tut, or loudly condemn the person as having had one too many..."and at THIS time of day too...Oh those poor children!".....

A bracelet or medi alert of some kind, would almost PROVE to the world that we are actually genuine ...even though we shouldnt have to!

Hi there

I love your username. I wish I'd come up with something better now!

I'm trying to concentrate on getting my "evidence" together to prove to the ESA that I'm not a lazy cow and that I do have a very serious and painful condition.

I've only worked for 34 years so I suppose I haven't really earned the right to any help.

I digress .... erm as usual :)

YES I wholeheartedly agree with you. The world does need to know ~ but how on earth do we get the recognition we so desperately need?


Ah but your pic always makes me smile Coz!

I find that even through the pain, and the "fog" it can sometimes be the smallest thing that makes me smile...even if its a slightly wobbly one!

I think that people only gain knowledge about fibro when they either develop it themselves or have someone close who does.

Maybe thats how it is with everything?

I am in the WRAG for ESA...I have 6 months left of the 365 days that you get it for...and then its back to square one with a new claim I suppose!

Sadly I am in the clutches of a bullying Job Centre Plus " advisor "..who knows not a thing about Fibro or its effects..nor the other things that often go hand in painful hand with it!

The ignorance of those people is unacceptable!

Perhaps we all should carry printouts that give clear and simple information about Fibro , and we could hand them out when needed! ?

As I said to the woman at the Job Centre...It could be you one day!

This is something I've wondered about for a long while. I think it will be helpful if your taken into hospital as an emergency it would be useful cause of the pain fibro causes to the brain fog.

sorry but I should read more on this my balance is bad is it a part of what we have it drives me made how can we help the balance

Hi dazz

Excuse the awful pic. I can't delete or turn it around! I've had Fibromyalgia for over 20 years but only got my diagnosis when I moved to a new area! I've fallen flat on my face with a coffee in my hand in the middle of the High Street. A man came over and kept shouting at me to get up and telling me there was nothing wrong with me. I guess he was just trying to help, but I kind of wanted to know why one minute I was crossing the road and the next I'm flat on my face on the pavement. It takes a minute or two for you to regroup doesn't it? My last boss was trying to sack me because of my balance issues. He actually accused me of being at work drunk to my face. I'm completely teetotal due to my meds and haven't had a drop of alcohol in about 7 years. We do all need to address this issue. When I tell strangers I have Fibro and they shrug and say they've never heard of it, I always say "it's similar to ME". The NHS actually have a website dedicated to Fibro so why don't more people know about it? My balance has got a lot worse over the last few years. Mind you I'm knocking on at 52 so perhaps it's my age! Did anyone look at the bracelets yet???

I'm not lazy ~ honestly :) Just v v v v tired zzzzzz

Gentle hugs

Coz x

130785967510 eBay item number: medical braslets on ebay try this one

Thanks dazz . Will take a look!

this is the link to the fibroaction shop,

they have books and bracelets.

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