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All i seem to be doing this last week is doing stuff in the morning then going up to my bed at about 1pm and laying there with my kindle ,reading for about an hour and then just laying there looking at the ceiling or with my eyes shut then getting up about 4.30 pm to feed the dog and walk him up the road and get oven on for my daughter

I hope this is not my life for the next hoever many years i cant believe it , its so unlike me to go upstairs and sit/lay on the bed it really is but there you go my body is obviouusly dictating to me what it wants at the min ,

oh well i am now gonna run a nice bath i feel all sticky as it is so humid here at the min i want a nice bath ,

love to you all diddle xxx

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Reality check not nice are they, give mr fibro a kick ...

Soft hugs xxx



Hi Diddle, Yeah it must be your body telling you. I love my Kindle too, they are fantastic. How are you finding your new Laptop? What breed is your dog? Ive got a Staffy shes just turned 3. We got her from the Dogs trust 21 months ago. Its humid here, wish it would storm. You take care hun. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


hi love my kindle an gettin on really well with my netbook thankyou, and my doggy is 6 in july and he is a jack russell crossed with norwich terrier love diddle x


Hi, i lov Jack russells & Terrier's :) Glad your getting on ok with your netbook. Hug n love to you. Helen xxx


hi diddle hav ebeen much the same here- last week pj all day , shower, clean pjs ! Have not been out my house all week - can't face getting dressed to sore!

got to get a grip on my Fibro!

soft hugs dottiedog xxx


Hi there, it's very humid here too which drains you even more than you are already :( - I hope you start to feel better soon, your body must need it at the minute. Feel better soon. Love and hugs xx


Hi diddle i felt like you the last couple of weeks. fell a bit better this week. as finlay says some of it could be down to theweather. hope you feel more like your old self soon. try and enjoy the rest and your kindle it could be your body telling you it needs rest as roxyroo said take care soft hugs xx


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