I have been up since 4.30 am it seems as though this is my bodies new time to get up !!!!!! great time dont you think ? any way came down stairs and in the last hour my left hip is just getting more and more seized up i dont know why but i got pains all inside it and it is not moving very easily

so need to get the oil gun out me think oh well my special friends i am off now as i need to get dressed and then get my daughter up for work call my partner to go to golf then i can collapse on my bed

i think thats the best place to be and hopefully i will drift off and wake up at 4 pm lol now that would be nice love to you all diddle x

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  • I beat you by two hours! I went downstairs to find a water leak in my kitchen... luckily its only a slow leak so hopefully can get it sorted later.

    Hope you have an easy day sweetie... love to you too!! xxxx

  • i was up then aswell i was thinking i wonder if diddle is up lol xxx

  • Are you Hypermobile? What you are describing could be a subluxation (partial dislocation) of your hip. Subluxs are a common problem amongst people with Hypermobility Syndrome.

    Try twisting in different directions, maybe standing up and holding onto something.

    Subluxs are horrid, but you get used to dealing with them!

  • Sounds painful Diddle. I think I went to sleep this morning as my neighbours were getting up so consequently didnt get up till about 9.30am. Dont be jealous though as I only had a few hours sleep in total. xx

  • what? i have never heard of those things but thankyou i will look them up on the internet you never know with this sfibro all sorts of odd things happen thankyou for that love diddle x

  • i just had a look on google forhypermobility syndrome very interesting could be a link i suupose will mention it to mt GP next visit lol another thing to add to my ever increasing list !!!! love to you diddle x

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