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I am not doing anything today i have done far too much the last few days and it is telling on my body i am not moaning as it is self inflicted so there you go

so the plan is to walk my doggy and that is it all day just walk the doggy and sit on the bed andinthe garden if it is nice enough

oh well i hope that you all have some nice plans for the day love diddle xxxx

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Hello there Diddle,

Sometimes your body do tell you that you have had enough, or should I say "burned out of energy" as my body would say if I have had a busy few days.

I don't really have to do anything for it to be really burned out....but at the same time, I wish I didnt have this illness but I do !

I do hope you enjoy doing your chill out time and shall look forward to hearing how your day has gone....



hi and yeah me too sometimes i can sit all day and still feel like a syeamroller has gone over me lol but imay endup doing something when ebver i plan todo nothing something always comes up lol oh well enjoy your day i wish i didnt have this too but on the other hand i would not have met some wonderful people on here and other sites i am on love toyou diddle xxx


You have to do what body says :-) x

I am not good at minute but the girls rely on me for work as i get them to and from.

Since my incident aswell its been hard wrk!!

I have to focus and concentrate.

Easier said than done.

You enjoy it is going to be warm here today aswell xcazziexx


Morning diddle and everyone.i too agree with all above listen to your body.

Rest relax and,enjoy your peace.

We are going to beach again i feel i get answers there.weve found a house for rent there and we would love it.

And gt bank and shopping.

Lots huggs xx


i too live right near the beach and found myself looking out to sea many a time in my life when things are bad and i am so glad youare sounding more posotive about things i hope it helped you yesterday when i pm dyou and that you are going to do as i suggested as i think that would help you remebere what i said kids are not kids forever they soon start to ask questions and they soon wont listen to anyone and will want to make their own minds up so you and your lovely partner stick with it and in the end believe me you will be the ones laughing and getting a new house sounds ideal a new start see it is all now beginning for you love to you diddle xx


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