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Its ok but my body is now decidinfg after being in bed all night and not allowing myself to sleep as the pain and pressure points were really something else , it would be funny to let my eyes and body drop off literally at any time during the day , like sitting here now i keep jumping awake as i am typing, so my body can cut that out i need to sleep at night in my bed!!!!!! oh well not much planned for today it is dry at the min and bit dull so me and my partner will prob take my dog out for half hour along the cliffs and then i will pop to see my mum for bit and thats it really day done nothing exciting, i hope you have got nice plans if your body will allow you, it is awful how we cant say yes or no to things as we never know how we are going to be, oh well eyes gradually drooping so bsest sign off and go sit down before i fall in pc screen lol love to you all and big hugs to everyone Diddle x

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Morning Diddle,

Hope you manage to not sleep the day away lol.

Hope you get some well deserved sleep tonight, fingers crossed.

take it easy, kel xxx


No rain eh? Im jealous - very wet here! Take care hun xx


crikey, you were up early! I think you should have nodded off for a catnap when yr eyelids were drooping. snatch some thru the day and give yrself some much needed energy.

Nice and bright here too. You mentioned cliffs, whereabouts are you?


Hi i am in lowestoft suffolk but jus after i typed no rain it started and has been teeming down since so not so lucky now lol love to you diddle x


try to have a power nap through the day thats how i do it i am sleeping at night atm but that only lasts for a little while when i dont sleep at night i do try to catch up in the day cos other wise you wont be fit for anything take care now love and gentle hugs xxx ps till reading on here i thorght i was strange cos my body jumps me awake lol


now had bath and now off to sit on sofa love to you Diddle x


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