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I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT IT ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have decided whilst in the bath i AM NOT talking about what went on on thuirsday with my blog anymore !!!!!!

I have sent an e mail to the highest people i can with a few greivences i have about that and the site at the min and the way which it is being run and i have asked for the blog to be reinstated as i think all members and myself want it to be as it was so positive.

I have made some lovely friends on here who have helped me through alot and i think i have helped them too in fact i have quite a few of your personal e mails i am not on facebook and never will be to reasons i do not wish to discuss and so i will continue to be on here and let the head people at HU deal with it and hopefully reinstate it asap.

I dont like being told i am mistaken in what i say as i am not a liar and never have been and i know that i have fibro fog at times but the words used were not words i would ever choose to use !!!

anywat this is the last blog i am doing on this subjuect and hopefully the people who deal with the technical side will look into EVERYTHING as they will be able to retrieve ALL the messages even deleted ones and see that it was a POSITIVE blog

so i wish you all a good evening and hope that you have the lovely sunshine that we have here it is 36 degrees in my garden at the min !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my little doggy is laying flat out on the paving slabs lol all he needs is swimming trunks and a pina colada lol

oh well take care and will be back soon love to you all Diddle xxx

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i dont no what went on but i like your blogs!


hi and thankyou for that i do try to keep things funny and up beat i do have my moments though loveto you diddle xxx


Way to go diddle.

The idea of your dogy in trunks and a pinacolada in his paw is very funny.

My little one loves this time of the evening and is outside talking to her mate through the fence.I would love to know what they talk about LOL.

Hope you got and enjoy your carrot cake.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxx



Every time I read your name my mind sings "Hey Diddle Diddle the cat and the fiddle" :)

Have a good evening xx


Hi Diddle your like part of furniture lol

even i am beginning to feel a little this way and i should be busy busy busy but just annnot help me little old self hahahah

love to you and nothing wrong in talking about whatever you feel i say.

we suffer in many different ways and have other illnesses to contend with at the same time so all do is try to support one another!

This is like a little family as some sites are toooo big to get to know others

cazzie xxxxx


I reckon it'll be wise to just draw a line under it and go on as usual, and try to get back to doing what this forum's intended to do - which is help others to find some support and understanding of our symptoms and share tips on what works and what might work.

Almost every forum I have been registered with has gone through upsets, misunderstandings and fallouts - but at the end of the day, without actually seeing the person posting or responding, no body language, one remark from one person can seem an affront to another person.

I am not that good at expressing myself some days, and maybe any one of us is capable of inadvertently offending another, and I would hope that you would all appreciate this, cos believe me, on a bad day, I can even offend ME without meaning to. I can only say that if I ever have, or ever do inadvertently offend someon, I promise you, it is NOT intented.

I also have a strange sense of humour, and unless you can see the sly smile on my face, in text only it may come across as me having a go, but trust me, I do not join forums to have a go at anyone, I don't need that crap, and I am sure none of you do either.


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