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I have collecte my monthly meds today and as usual i stand in line whilst everyone goes up and get a little bag i go and get a carriere bag lol

oh well never mind

i also went and picked up my raffle prize of the 2 x cinema tickets so that was nice i will prob give them to my daughter and herfriend as my daughter treated me a few weeks ago to go and see ted it was sooo funny and i am not one for keep goung to the cinema so they can have them

oh well i am sitting on the bed as the sun keeps hiding behind clouds at the min soi would be going in and out all the time

love to you all and hope you having a nice day love diddle xxx

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My chemist is a drive-thru, saves the embarassment of walking our with my monthly carrier bag; fortunately I don't have to pay otherwise it would cost me a small fortune!



hi Diddle,

WEll something is better than nothing and thats a nice raffle for you daughter !

am sure she will enjoy a film may be TED that is all the should at moment xxx


I have mine delivered on a flat-bed juggernaut!



Lol Sandra

I can just imagine the Boots lorry lol

Julie xx


Hi diddle well done on winning the tickets, i spend most of my day entering free competitions on the net, and the rest of the day keeping my fingers crossed that i'll win lol!!

As for my pills i just ring the chemist and they do the rest then deliver them, partner has to answer the door, because the bag is so huge its too heavy for me to lift lol!!!!!

Sharon xxxx


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