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My brown letter arrived yesterday !!!

Hi All,

My change over from IB to ESA has finally come and i am happy to say they have put me in the support group and i dident need to go for any assesments or have anyone come home to me, so after all that worrying and stress all is ok, i wish everyone a good outcome,

gentle hugs jackie xxxxx

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My claim has gone to appeal been waiting since october can't see them making a decision anytime soon the pain from fm is bad enough the stress from this sure don't help, congratulations on ur turn out let's hope lots more of us get good outcomes to.

Kren x


Hi so pleased for you now all the stress is gone you may feel bit better in yourself it amazing how much the stress can affect you isnt it well you enjoy the weekend and keep smiling you get alot to smile about now love diddle x


pleased for you x


lovely news x


Fantastic news, i am so happy for you..well done.Stress when you are ill is quite devastating for you. I do hope now you can relax a little and gain comfort in knowing you had the strength to get through this..Great news..Take care.xxx


Hi I am really pleased for you, I also have just been awarded ESA and will be changing from IB to ESA in july.....I also have been put in with a support group, however on reading, it says I have to attend the meeting to gain my benefit, and I am quite worried about that as you know, Fibro is so unpredictable....wonder what your thoughts are on this?

PS I will read the letter again, cos my Fibro brain may have got it wrong


Thankyou All soooo much,

yes it is def added stress that we can all do without, think we go through enough suffering with FM and all the other illess'es we have on a daily basis, i am really wishing and hopeing you all get good news concerning DLA/ESA

Thankyou All once again :-)

loadsa love and gentle hugs to you all ........ Jackie xxxxxx

ps.. Good Luck kaz with your appeal, i really hope you get it coz we all deserve it suffering with FM xxxx


Hi netta,

i just read my letter again lol just to make sure, it def doesent say i have to attend any meetings ect, and the change over will happen in july, i cant understand that they have given it to you then said you have to have a meeting to gain your benefit ?? i dont understand that at all. I suggest if you have to go for a meeting to take someone with you and remember you must tell them about your worst days, maybe write everythink down to take with you about all what you suffer on a daily basis, i no i cant get out of bed for days on many occations, keep us informed hun and i hope allgoes well on the meeting, just really feel for you, none of us deserve this added worry and stress,

loadsa love and gentle hugs jackie xxxxx


Congratulations! they told me that I was'nt entitled to it so I have applied for an appeal.



Glad it's worked out for you. Send mine in early last month and still waiting to hear got everything crossed but with my luck anything can happen.

Hope you have a relatively pain free week


Congratulations, its always nice to know when somebody wins x


Hi jay jay ....I have read my letter again and I am confused, maybe it's cos i am having a bad fibro time at the moment, Maybe you could claryfie this for me .

On Page 4 of 5 about 1/4 down the page it says 'If we have told you in this letter that you are placed in the work-related activity group:'

You are required to attend and take part in work-focused interviews as a condition. If you do not attend or participate in work-focused interview your benifit may be reduced.

Is that the same as the support group, or is that the assesment interview I have just had? Sorry to sound so stupid, but as I said I am in a flare at the mo, and in my bubble of meds ...xx


I have just received 1st brown letter telling about all changes etc & hand phone call from job centre explaining what happens. They said I should have my form to fill in between 2 & 14 days, once I have sent that back can anyone tell me the approx time before you have letter saying you need to attend works access meant thing or that you don't have to & you are in whatever group that you don't have to work etc. even just typing this at nearly 3 am when I can't sleep is making my stomach go over & over so any help would be great thanks Katen


That shud b Karen iPhone is determined to change my name lol


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