That Brown Envelope has arrived

My letter box rattled this morning with my post and on the door mat there was a brown envelope, My nerves started just looking at this envelope,

Well, after hands shaking I opened it............ And to read that my PIP award has been granted !! :)

My award if for enhanced rate for mobility and the same rate for care, This will be until 2016 and will be re-veiwed again then.....

As everyone can understand I'am over the moon with this outcome, I applied for PIP in April 2014 and had my assessment in June, This has been a quick turn around after reading some post's on the delay's and time they had to wait. My award was back payed to April when I first applied.

I also have read other postings that other PIP awards have been refused or rejected in recent day's. I really think it was down to the assessment and the evidence submitted by my doctor that supported my claim too........... I really feel for those that still have to continue their fight for help and support.

Keep going everyone for what is rightfully your entitlement to help in your daily lives......

I thank everyone for their support and encouragement to apply for PIP in the first instance and the Admin team for information and guidance in the right direction.

Thank you my friends, Sent with EXTRA huggs today Xxxx Steve.

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  • Congrats steve, its such a relief isnt it.

  • Congrats it gives us all hope x

  • Hi Steve

    That's wonderful news can I be cheeky and ask what your condition is please. You take care. Xx

  • Hi Cloggs 1

    indeed great news today, My conditions are .... Ostio-artheritis .....Fibro .....Heart pressure Low/High....... I had medication to resolve my heart pressure and caused fainting/ blackouts

    Gp had difficulty sorting this problem......So I had some further evidence :(

    Take care too. Xx

  • Yaah great The first thing that I saw when I opened the envelope was the letter for free road tax. Knowing that you need the enhanced something , sorry it has got lost in my brain, I thought that they had made a mistake. I had told them that I can walk around a super market with a great deal of difficulty.

    so I only expected the lowest.

    so that was a bonus.

    So Glad hugs sue xx

  • That is absolutely wonderful news and I am delighted for you! Well done!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Absolutely wonderful news that you have received the outcome your deserved. I hope the extra money will make life easier for youx

  • Congratulations!

    I am waiting for my US equivalent (been over yr and a half now), and the Social Security Administration seems to think they have to save money by denying the benefits I have contributed to my entire working life. I understand the anxiety and the relief of this process. At last, you can breathe again!

  • Thank you all for your reply's and best wishes.......Xx

  • Congratulations to you on your PIP news You go out and treat your self to a nice big cream cake.xx

  • That's wonderful news. You can relax now. I too have just heard for mine. Can I ask was you previously on DLA. ?

  • Hello scatter,

    Thank you for your reply, I trye'd to apply for DLA in 2006 after walking and lower back problems (still have this prob) And my DLA was rejected, I sent a appeal and went to a tribuneral this was also dismissed and was told that I was exagerating my symptoms and branded as lie's.

    As anyone can expect this was a blow to my confidance..... I only applied again after my daughter told me too and put pressure to phone for PIP........ You have got to love them :) .... My daughter helps me with household chores and cooking and my son helps with heavy shopping and cleaning at home too, I also live alone too.... widower for over 13 years..

  • Hi Security

    Thank you for your reply for me it was a move from DLA to PIP with the same outcome. Where would we be without our family !! Still so glad that it is over now!!

  • Well Done

    I have a hard time getting my GP to admit to anything else being wrong with me besides my heart conditions. Even after tests have proved other problems?

  • Congratulations Steve you can relax a little now well done x

  • congrats steve always pleased to here good news

  • Im so happy for you too steve!!! :-)

  • Congratulations, a weight off your mind I bet !!

  • Thank you very much for the lovely replies, Now I hope that everyone that applies for PIP will get the help and support that this health condition has on peoples lives....... I'am able to now to afford a cleaner to help around my house a couple of hours a week too.....

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