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Had my scan yesterday

They found nothing and docs have put my increased thirst and bloatedness down to ibs any advice on beating the bloat? Since sat tho my spine shoulders and brat bone have been killing me so are anckels, I cant remember if it have already mentioned it. I have been given more morphine not like its helped, oh well ill just laugh it the sillyest things. HOpe your all as well as can be have nice day xxx

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Sorry they couldn't find anything on your scan! But maybe your increased thirst coul because your Diabetic? Have they suggested thay to you? Oi know what its like to have things wrong with you but they can't find anything as I'm going through similar things!! Take care and Good luck just don't give up... Aisha x


Sorry for the mistakes I'm using my mobile while I'm in bed!


its ok i cant even remember to spell lol i have had tests for diabeties they said its ibs so 1 less thing to worry about xx


I kept a food diary and times I ate... And found out that if I eat any bread or wheat cereal for breakfast I bloat up .. Weirdly I can eat bread and cereal any other time of the day but not first thing in the morning... Within a week of changing breakfast to fruit and yoghurt my bloating was down .. It's a bit time consuming doing the diary but it did work for me

I am so glad the scan showed nothing

VG x


Thanks, I have found chocolate has bad effect on me and causes pain i seem to be ok with bread but anything sweet which dont help as i love choc with brew at night lol

Its strange that you can only eat bread later in the day ,

Got rheumotologist friday so hope can get back xray done and sort this pain Have pain management the 19th to. Hows your day been so far? xx


increased thirst could be down to meds.


i suffer increased thirst and my mouth becomes so dry my doctor has said its because of meds but he prescribes me a false saliva spray


The information in the books 'The First Year: IBS' and 'Eating for IBS', both by Heather Van Vorous (who is on the FibroAction PAB) is evidence based and very very good. These books are often available in local libraries or most of the info is freely available on Heather's website:

The dietary and supplement advice is what most gastroenterologists recommend these days, but she explains it far better (many GI docs know to say "take a fibre supplement" but most also don't/can't explain the difference between the types of fibre and the different supplements available!). The advice can be used alongside any medications you are on for IBS - I found that I gradually needed less and less meds and eventually my IBS stabilised.

One specific is that fennel tea can be amazing for bloating, but the fresher the fennel the better (seeds are stronger than most packaged teas).


Thank ill have a loook, Im not on any meds for ibs got see doc next week, Also sweet things bring it on bad, I love fennel tho lol. Im going to do food diary like VG suggested, I reconise some foods that makes it worse. Ive got a love for chocs but not had any for 3 days which is real big for me haha. Thanks for the info xxx


Also i have been taking a soluble fiber x


Increased thirst and bloating could welll be dairy and/ wheat intollerance. Replacing them with soya and rice has helped me enormously.

I've also found cutting out aspartame and caffiene also helped. I used to drink gallons of diet coke but was always thirsty. I drink loads of water now. Still from bottles lol. I don't know why that makes such a difference lol.

Moulds and yeasts is another toxic group I can't fo. Mushrooms, quorn, non dairy cheese, bread.

Food intolerances won't show on any blood test....only allergies do. Intolerance is something many doctors don't accept. The proof is in the pudding. When I don't have them I feel better and the bloating goes away. The other thing with intolerance is, when recognised you can cheat occasionally. When effects happen i know why.

Sugar makes every reaction worse... i personally fond honey a good safe sweetener.


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