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The dreaded brown envelope (blog from yesterday) Another brown envelope today!

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the wonderful replies you gave me yesterday to the 'The dreaded brown envelope' it was great the support and advice you have me.

Today another one has arrived from HM courts and tribunals,my appeal has been forwarded on to them and it says it is their job to make arrangements for the appeal to be heard by an independant tribunal.

I need to let them know whether I wish to go to appeal,if I want to carry on I need to let them know whether I will be attending in person,if not they will go ahead and the appeal will be decide by the tribunal in my absence.

I have had a lot of good advice yesterday from the forum and I probably will ahead,the writting in the report is so bad that I shall have to get some help,I can barely read it,not because I have problems reading its just so badly written!

Is it better for me to attend the tribunal in person?

I would appreciate some advice on what happens at the tribunal.

Thank you once again for your support.

Julie xxxxx

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Hi Julie,

I am not sure how it is that you received a letter from the courts about an appeal, as yesterday you weren't sure whether you were going to appeal. Are they ahead of the game? Is it just that when someone loses a benefit they automatically send out info. re an appeal? OR are you appealing about something other than DLA? Everything to do with all of these changes to the Welfare System is so very confusing for all of us.

I can't really advise you as I haven't had experience of what is involved in going to a tribunal but I know I shall be terrified if I have to go to one in the future!

However, I am sure that there will be many on this site who will be able to give you good advice and the admin team. are always very supportive. Bless them all!

My gut feeling would be that I should think it would pay you to attend, preferably with someone who can at least give you some moral support but, if at all possible, with someone who could fight your corner for you, like a CAB adviser or similar person. I would be very concerned that if you decided not to attend they could make a decision in their favour rather than yours.

The report you that what you received yesterday or today? Is it a summary of why they are refusing to pay DLA? Do you feel it is an accurate picture of how your assessment went? You probably don't know, if it is so badly They probably write badly deliberately!

Thanks for letting me know, yesterday, that I had remembered correctly about the scenario with your dog growling at the assessor. I seem to remember you saying that the chap made you feel uncomfortable and spied through the bathroom door when you got off your bed and looked at all your bits and bobs on your dressing table. They sound a very sneaky lot. How they can sleep at night I shall never know!

One of my mad dogs is squeaking his ball at me so I think I shall have to stop

I shall follow your post with interest and I am sure you will get a selection of replies later.

I still have in mind that I want to write a blog about my experience on Tuesday this week but I'll have to have a rest first!

Do take care, Julie. Keep warm and have a nice snuggle up with your dog. Thank God for our furry friends, eh. At least they love us!

Keep in touch.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


Hi saskia

I do hope you are well today,you really must write a blog to let us know how your getting on,you've sent me lovely long replies so I'm sure you can manage a Little blog.

I think your right in saying they are ahead of the game,yesterday's letter enclosed a copy of appeal papers as well as evidence used to make the decision ( that's their words) the letter says they have sent a copy of some of the information along with my appeal letter to the tribunal service,and then it says if I want to send more info or evidence to support my appeal or want any info to get in touch.

Today's letter is saying that they have forwarded my info to HM courts and tribunals and a double sided form to say if I want to go ahead or not and if I do do I want someone with me ect and that nothing will happen from 5-9weeks.

Listening to some of the things said on this forum I'm sure that different ares of the country have different ways of working,for example my assessment for my blue badge was done over the phone where as some councils need to see you in person and its really hard to get.

As for my opinion on the medical report well honest to goodness I'm still trying to read and understand,its a bit like when you see what the Dr has written on the back of the's just a scrawl!

Thank you for taking an interest,why don't you try and write a blog on how your getting on?everybody is interested its just sometimes its so difficult to even keep ones eyes open never mind writting a reply!

Speak to you soon..keep throwing that squeaky ball for your's good excerise!

Take care and keep warm Hun


Yes Saskia they really are ahead of the game even if very slow at it. As soon as you get a no decision they forward all details to you and the medical report they used. I was surprised too when I recieved everything. But I think they use it to try and get people not to appeal because it is so scary throughout. They bank on people just accepting the no and backing down. xxxxxx And do let us know hwo things are going.


I definitely would let it go to appeal. But something is bugging me. You have a dog, the medical person will have spotted that and immediately assume that you walk the dog. They use the fact you have pet and you can care for a pet as one of the reasons to turn you down. How do I know this? I went to a medical and he said 'Do you have a dog?'. I said yes. he went on to say 'it must be so relaxing taking him for walks'. My reply 'I have no idea as I do not walk the dog my husband does'. In the medical report it said 'has dog', and that was it. So DWP decision maker assumed it meant I walked the dog. They are very crafty and you can bet your bottom dollar he will have been having a good look around too whilst there.

When it comes up, go. Do not go alone, do not carry anything and do not answer questions immediately, think about it a little first. Try and mull their question over in your head and work out any assumptions they may make by your reply before replying. They bank on the words tribunal' and 'appeal' to scare claimants off. The assumption is if you do not appeal then you must not have been that sick in the first place. I went ot my appeal and even though I was still refused I am glad I went xxxxx


Hi again

God they really are the lowest of the lowest,he did ask me about Tess,I said my partner walked her,i dont walk her often but that day it was such a lovely day and i thought i mite be ok to walk,but that dosnt mean i do it all the time,somedays i dont even have the energy to walk to the bathroom,but i know they wouldnt see it like that,though I guess whatever I say hes going to write something different down to what I say!

I will admit I am scared about it all,and yes I don't suppose I'm the only one who thinks maybe I should back out,iv heard so much on here about what happens I don't know if I can deal with it,my tribunal date hasn't come through yet,I still need to try and read his bad writing in his report!


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