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I applied for DLA few weeks a go on my GP s advice i had the man from DIAL come round and help fill it in for me and i got a leterrs aying they had recieved it then when i got home from london there was another letter and i thoght here we go a NO but it was a letter saying they cannot decide at the moment and so they are needing to write to my Gp which i am pleasedabout as she is the one that told me to go for it so i feel a little more positve about it but not holding out too much hope then i wont be disapionted will i

love to you all and be back later or sun

love diddle xx

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Hi diddle,

Its lovely to hear from you, i hope you enjoyed your trip.

I have my fingers crossed for you.

Mine has just came back this morning on two weeks of me sending it off and they have said no. I dont think they will have had time to ask any of my doctors. So to appeal it is then.

hugs, kelx xxxx


Hi jazher, do have a suggestion as I know of someone who done it. They asked for someone else to look at their claim as they did not think that in 2 weeks they had had time to consult doctors ect. & to have their replies back. they then got DLA. xx


Thankyou, I will be phoning monday morning and asking them why, but i want to speak to the lady who has helped me do the forms first to see what i should do for the best. I was really trying my best not to phone this morning as i wanted to know and have it out with them but i think i will leave it till monday when i have calmed down lol.

i will let you know how i get on.

hugs, kel xxx


Hi thats ok happy to pass on any tips but dont forget its a bank holiday probably be shut till weds.I had someone help me once with dla & said put minimum input & got low care on both then next time got it declined so went to CAB they were very helpful told me to really tell them how my illness affects me,to write a letter about my day,Iget migraines so Iwrote all about that as well I put everything in.This was back in 2005 I got high for both for life nearly died!!


Haha, it is bank holiday, i have told everyone that i am phoning on monday. Omg i am so thick.

I am so pleased you got a good result. Its nice to hear they do actually help people. I am only looking for low rate for both a si know i dont qualify for anything higher. I mainly want it for a claeaner as i just find it so hard.

Fingers crossed i wont have to go to a tribunal though that would be scarey.

Thankyou again, hugs, kel xxxx


Hi diddle hope you get good news as it was your GP's suggestion keep fingers crossed for you xx


Hi. I am new to this site. I have dla but thats because i have psoriatic arthritus aswell as fibro. My dr is rubbish about it though. I am thinking of changing drs.

Anyway, i had to appeal for my dla a long time ago and finally got it indefinitely. They are changing all the rules to dla and it will be PIP instead. It will be super hard to get it then. It infuriates me as the sort of recognise me now but not fibro. I have a friend with ME and she says she thinks i have more symptoms and pain than her.

I hope you have luck with dla but it helps if more people are aware of fibro, which i dont think they are. Not many people have heard of it.

Hugs. Marie


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