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Hi every one. Help is needed please? Can admin or anyone help me please? I have to send a letter into my Doctors stating how my Fibro affects my day to day life as in ie having help to get around, and help getttin in and out of bed, showering ect! I know I have to put how it affects me but you know as well as i do it has to be worded in the right why or when its sent into the tribunal for my DLA appeal at the end of the month they will just chuck it out! Its having everything in my letter to the Doc and not forgetting anything!

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  • Write it as though its your worse day. Describe what it is like on these days, that you can;t get out of bed you do not wash or dress, who helps you around the house with jobs. Describe how you feel on these days how much pain your in how the fatigue stops you from concentrating and so in turn things that came naturally to you are now impossible.

    “If I try to carry out any extra activities that are above my base line this

    poses a serious risk to my health. It is very important that I pace my activities and

    if I push myself this has serious consequences for my health. I use my very limited

    energy just doing the basics and many days I am not well enough to even carry

    out basic activities like washing and food preparation. If I have to do something

    that is over my base line activity, for example if I need to attend a medical

    appointment this has a serious impact on my heath. I suffer debilitating

    exhaustion afterwards and experience a worsening of my symptoms. If I had to

    keep doing things like this my health would deteriorate substantially leading to a

    complete relapse.”

    Hope this helps


  • I fill in my renewal forms for dla .. And although this isnt the same I list everything and everyway it affects me...adding the things I can't do that a fit and healthy person wouldn't even think about... How it limits your life

    Make a list before you stat writing.... ie ...morning ... Afternoon. Night... Sleep .. Then think how you feel in the morning what meds you take and describe it fully then move onto afternoon and so on ...that way you describe your day in a logical order..

    Hope that helps a little

    VG x

  • myalgia.com/FIQ/fiq.pdf

    This Fibromyaglia Impact Questionaire may help get you started?

    I would try and keep it as simple as possible: after all, they have all the info you have provided already.

    Good luck with the outcome x

  • PS I'm not sure if this is the latest or most comprehensive FIQ and admin may well be able to help you there...

  • email info@fibroaction.org and ask for the benefits & work guides.

    on page 60/61 there is a form you can fill in, make copies and pass on to your gp & consultants, ask them to write you a letter of support and to send it to you for your claim pack, photo copy them.

    when you fill in the form put it into statements from your worst day, including

    as I am in constant pain to do so would cause further pain/exhaustion/distress

    the guides helped me.



  • Thanks to all for your help each and everyone of you. I will keep you all posted as to how I get on :) x

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