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The Letter has arrived!

I applied pip and got a letter with my appointment date and address. This has been a stressful wait and the pressure has really come on now. I'm a nervous person and going to this pip assessment is going to be hard. How is the assessment? I don't want to do exercises. I'm in pain. I don't know how to show them everything and explain.

I won't remember to tell them everything

Anyone had any experiences with this

Thanks peeps

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All they will be doing is verifying information on you application to ensure they agree

However you will be assessed visually as well .

How you sit in seat in waiting room ,how you get up when invited into interview room

Normally a measured distance so they can see how far you can walk

How you are dressed if you can maintain eye contact .

Will ask you to do simple exercises such as push against their hands to test muscle strength

Mental Ability questions simple sum and repeat 3 words after them also spell a word back wards .

Will also ask about pets and hobbies if you have a pet you are judged to have the ability feed them and provide care .

Hobbies you are judged that you have the mental ability to partake of that hobby

So if on the form you put for example you used to enjoy reading but you concentration to so bad you are no longer to do this they judge if you can do a crossword then their is nothing wrong with your concentration .

Take list of meds and medical letters you have to confirm your condition

And ensure someone goes with you

They work on questions generated by computer also have guidelines on how to mark

But they do not make final decision

Good Luck and try not to worry


Hi I had my assessment Two weeks ago by capita . I haven't had the results yet she said up to 6 weeks .. She asked lots of questions some are the same but worded differently. Think before you reply don't be rushed. I was lucky as had mine at home and was able to sit on my recliner as not feeling great . the exercises I had were , bend over and slide my hands down my thighs, this I couldn't do as my back was bad, couldn't do the twist from side to side or the squat !! Stand on one leg but I couldn't the other as bad knee.. Squeeze her fingers and point ? no idea why .. . I had a copy of my statement but didn't look at it . I read it to refresh myself just before she arrived. But she had questions to ask how my ailments effect me . To be fair she was nice but very professional and you could tell she had been doing it for a long time . they also asked about pets and who fed them . I gave her my driving license as ID and she asked me when was the last time I drove . Its very fast paced and took an hour. I was exhausted after and went to bed ..


Hello charlie100 and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can find support, advice, help and understanding, along with a chuckle or two to lighten the day.

Our mother site has a wealth of information about fibro including guides and links.

It does seem PIP assessments can be extremely stressful and a bit "hit and miss".

Don't be put off though as members who have had recent assessments have reported kind and sympathetic assessors, who did not pressurise exercises.

It is well to be prepared. If you have any recent changes in your symptoms or medication, be sure to take this with you. Do take an up to date copy of your repeat prescription form, also any over the counter meds you take.

The biggest thing is do not go alone. If your partner cannot go with you, take another family member or close friend. Do not use public transport as this will be deemed that you have no mobility problems or do not lack concentration to plan your journey.

I feel sure others will be able to give you some more pointers.

Hope to see you around the forum.



My advice would be, if you are asked to do something, eg. raise your your arms above your head, which you know will cause you a lot of pain, say you cant because it's too painful. So everything in line with your application forms and I'm sure it will be easier than you might imagine. Honesty is always the best policy. Consistency. I do wish you a fair assessment!

:) XX


Hi there charlie100 welcome to the group I hope we see more of you around our boards. It is a great place for help and support and hopefully make new friends as you go along.

I see you have had plenty great advice already. I agree with tulips123 be yourself and honesty will always pay dividends in my book. I had my assessment on Monday and just answered the questions the best I could.

I did try to do the things that was asked of me but failed miserably one was standing up. But as I was in so much pain hubby had to try pull me up which she could hear and see it was way to painful and was told to stop.

She told me at least you tried I could see you tried and was not able to do it. Which is better than you not trying at all. So I guess it's all on the day and who you get. Wishing you good luck with your assessment.

Mo xx


Hi charlie100

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to the CAB cache entitled: Preparing for your PIP assessment, so I truly hope that you find this useful:

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi charlie100

They look at cases on individual merit so no advise just be yourself.

Good luck and please dont 😞 worry

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Hi Charlie, I had a positive experience when I went for pip assessment. The assessor knew all about fibro, she was a nurse, and did not ask me to do anything I couldn't. I also wrote down all the things that I needed to remember every time I thought of it and took this with me. I explained that I needed this as my memory was unreliable. She said that was fine, so I checked this throughout the process. I was awarded mobility and care allowance. I also stopped and took some really slow deep breaths when i found myself overwhemed to clear my head and srop worrying so much. All the best

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