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Picked up my car at 5 pm yesterday all done the arm thingy had been done so now the car is sitting as it should andthe tracking is all ok and so now the tyres wont wear out in a certain place and the car will drive alot better which it does so that is good, bless my parents again they paid for it all for me i dont thinlk they werevery impressed with my partner who does cars and when i asked if he could do it before we went to Londodn he said he would do it when he gpot space in his drive !!!not the answer i wanted as if his neighbour or anyone else called him at min to repair their car he would do it he would move cars about but not for me so my parents were not impressed with that and nor was I to be fair !!!!!!!

Funny how he can do it for anyone else and not me ?????????

perhaps its because i would jus pay for the part with him and he would do it for nothing ????????? which again is stramnge should you not want to do thngs to help your partner /friend out ???

we have been together 8 years and everytime he has done my car in the past he always moans or shouts and awears as it never goes smooth;y with mine or thats how it seems just before xmas he was gonna do the head gasket and cam belt but my parents took it to a garage they use and had it done and paid for it bless them

oh well never mind love to you Diddle xxxx

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Diddle glad you have got your car on the road again , your parents sound lovely xx


Glad you got your car fixed . Would like your parents to adopt me they sound so lovely lol x


Mornin Diddle, glad you got your car fixed and you can be mobile.Its such a good feeling to know you can just get up and go out when you want to (or when you can!!) The work on my car was done yesterday to pass MOT, so now little Clio is all healthy (wish I was,lol) As for your man...typical. I used to be married to an electrician, would he do anything at home? NO!!! Everyone else? YES!!! If you ask more than once, you're "nagging". Cant win.x. Enjoy your driving


Hiii Diddle lol i thought for a moment i had posted in my sleep!! Wow i got a car old landrover freelander on 01 plate as my lovely convertible which was a lot newer got written off and been such a nightmare since new yr car sharing etc. anyway i just brought mine home from garage yesterday lyckily still under warranty! But we had been seaside last wk and had this noise which i had complained about to the garage (fobbed me off cos am female i guess) wrong lady to pick on. Was all over place at national speed limit, bends and humps, so my hubby knows this guy who owns garage and so did a check over on it, it was 4 degrees out on tracking, so to be safe they did there and then and then gave what else needed doing for the place i bought from! Which was front driver side bearing. Drives loads better now, but its twice had to take back in a wk as had this rubber thing grinding metal to metal which yet again i suspected all the problems ( not a man) i have bbeen brought up around cars and mechanics in family on mums side family who own businesses.

Just thought really weird how you expressed the status and then wrote first lines haha. Everyone has told me to steer well clear of this make of car yet not one of them have either owned or driven ( not my mechanical family) just certain relatives and on dads side who dont deal with cars lol. I actualy like it, she has a name too 'landa randa' as on foggy brain i said that name instead of landrover! Hubby thought funny as he was, ohhh well we will take landa to laundretta ohh some other stuff camt remember now ...

Do you have a name for yours? And you are lucky to have great parents!! :-£ hehe. I have to do everything myself hence why impossible to give up wrk! Xxx huggles xxx


Its also difficult when comes to a job you do as wrk and get paid then having to do for nothing outside wrk. My hubby is a paintsprayer panel beater but does not wrk full time to do with cars he does luxury ships the veneering and interior panel wrk. I thought he had a gift lol so i have recently used his talents at home and looking goid! But saying that for him to do at home is wen any spare time as time consuming and yes he not getting paid as i am his Trophy lol .

I run a cleaning business (small) but i get paid to do others but not my own and when comes to friends and family it is dependant on how close, as family are free if just odd help and a friend in need when not well also free as i offer anyway, friends who want regular would get at a lower rate than anyone else as you do feel kind of obliged. Xxxxx i guess in a way your partner thinks that if the time he helps you he can make money maybe his finances come 1st. Not siding like christine says, but where theres bread theres butter. Hmmm that money he making however can help pay for uour help though i would say if he would rather get paid to do the job. Xxxxx


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