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I have spent alot of time with my parents lately and they have read alot about fibro and they are being so kind to me and done so much for me latelty i could never repay their kindness

yesterday i called to tell them that the lady from council was coming fora a home visit and i spoke to my Dad bless him and he was saying you cant say that you cant do anything or they will think you should be dead lol , but bless him i dont think he realises (well he does realise ) he is a very intelligent man but i dont think he wants to accept what is happening which i can totally go with

it hsas taken me only up to when i get my blue badge to realise that actually this thing is dibilitataing and it aint getting no better , it may not get worse but it prob unlikely to get better .

And i think they are at that stage where they are taking me to meetings etc to claim things and it should be other way round ( you know what i mean) and i think they are really struggling to realise things and i totally undrerstand it must be heartbreaking for them to see me some days

i know how i would feel if it was roles reversed or one of my kids

anyway the one thing i have got is their constant love and support in every single aspect of my life and that to me is worth more than anything they have both told me while they are around i will never ever be in debt or want for anything i have just got to tell them everything that is going on and tell them if i need anything

i hope all of you have a support around you as it really does help, anyway have alovely weekend love to you all diddle x

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awww diddle you lucky girl :) ,love and hugs to you :-D xxxxx

dont know what id do without my parents either xx

hey diddle you are so lucky to have your parents to help you ..

i dont have any parents for surport , but i do have my partner he tys his best bless him..

and i do agree with lynz you are very lucky hugs to ya :)

it sounds like you've got great parents, Diddle, in spite of their bewilderment.

hope you have a good weekend too.

You sound like you have lovely parents Diddle, I miss mine soooo much!!!.Angelax

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