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I really dont know where i would be if it was not for my parents/sister/kids they have all been so amazing in their own different ways to me since having fibro my parents a year ago could seethat i was getting very depressed and so they came here and competely transformed my house they stripped it bare and made it so much lighter and modern and that lifted my mood

they also made it so minimallist that i have no work to do too so that is fantastic

they paid to keep my car on the road for me without that although i dont drive far i would be lost so they paid for the tax/insurance/mot and the work for motthey have also paid for me to go to London end of month to get right away from everything and jus chill out so that is nice

they call me every tue and get a list of any shopping i need and deliver it on wed for me

they are sorting out a couple of issues long running with WTCTC thaty i was struggling with

so without them i would have gone under big time !

My sister paid for my bedroom to be decorated and also turnss up with shopping for me and also does my nails/face and massages

My girls are always buying me cards to say love you mum and buying little treats which is lovely

I dont know where i would be without them

I hope you all get a little bit of support that i get of my family as it does help so much and not only that my GP is wonderful and backs me up in everything too

love to you all diddle x

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It is lovely to hear that you have such a loving and helpful family to help make life just that bit easier to cope with.



It is lovely to hear that family are so supportive, i am a single parent with fibro fight so hard everyday with it, but the hardest part is my mum has it and she has the depression side with it, but the is a high chance my 9 yr old has it, so i don't really have a minute to stop and see how hard i am struggling. But i think i am the support for us all. xxx


Hi Diddle it is great to hear you have thr fantastic family support, hope you enjoy your visit to hairdressers, take it easy luv Mary xx :-)


i have a supportive family and working environment is good it makes so much diference take care xx


Lovely to hear about supportive families. My husband and children (in their 20's) all understand and support, but I'm one of 9 kids and the only one that makes any effort to understand lives in America. The rest think I'd be better if I went jogging and apparently theres no reason why I shouldn't be working. They think its my choice...The fact I don't work (they think ) means I have more time to support my 90 year old Mum....

I do know now though that what IS important is MY acceptance of this thing.... I don't have to keep explaining or justifying myself. If other people have an issue they have to own that judgement.... not me LOL.

Resentment around other peoples inability to understand or accept makes me worse... so its worth letting go of. Its not always easy though.

Its really good to hear about families who actively support x



Hi Stepper I totally agree with you i'm trying to accept it but finding it hard and even harder to explain to people all the time .


i have a good family as well so supportive


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