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Yesterday was my day to have grandchildren, they duly arrived two girls age 7 and two boys aged 9' and two dogs, one set of parents left theirs at home because I am looking after my nieces dog (whilst she is on holidays)' so that makes it 5 dogs with mine. Everything was going extremely good girls did painting and boys did ipad games, had lunch and girls iced biscuits and boys went with husband to play on waste ground with big remote controlled car, chocolate and icing sugar everywhere I started to clean up girls went on trampoline. Down the drive came husband with daughters son hand in the air saying he's cut his hand. He had to wash all the slurry and dirt out and my little boy he started screaming his head off it was terrible, his sister went into panic mode when she heard him and started screaming and crying hysterically. Little boy stopped crying and was all clammy and was sick he then had dieorhea and looked ghastly. Phone two parents to come home and my daughter and myself took him to hospital at 2.45 at 6 they decided he needed X-rays so I went outside to the car, at 9 they said he had to go to,Morriston Hospital which about 50miles away now for them to examine because they thought he had cut through sinews and tendons, daughter picked up husband and dropped me off and drove through the night to Morriston hospital, they are going to operate on him at 9 this morning that is if no emergencies come in. So please good vibes and fingers crossed for him he was so so brave, it was all explained to him and he accepted it and that it would hurt but they were helping him. So two things that he will have his operation and his hand will be ok. Thanks

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Brave little one my thoughts and prayers will be with him and you all.! Take care and try to keep smiling it will help xx Ginsing


Oh dear, that sounds like a nasty deep cut. I'm sure he'll be fine with the operation. Children are usually fairly resilient and bounce back better than us olduns. xx


Good vibes hurtling your way. Keep us posted.


I have my fingers crossed for him!

It sounds like he went into shock poor thing.


I hope for a speedy recovery for the poor little mite. What did he cut his hand on to cause such damage. It must have been a real scare and upset for you all.



I hope by now he has had his operation and his hand is doing well. Brave boy :)

What a shock for you all. take care.


poor little lad, hope he recovers quickly, i agree kids are resilient, but my heart goes out to grandad who must be feeling really bad and guilty right now. hugs to him

hugs to your grandson and fingers crossed

hugs to you coz you probably feel just as bad.

super big hugs to you all



Oh that poor little man. I bet he was having a blast before. It's crazy quickly a good time can go bad. I hope everything goes smoothly and he isn't hurting too bad. At least he'll have some awesome scar to show off when he gets older. :) I've got my fingers crossed for him. Was it his writing hand?

Poor thing. Let us know how it goes.


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish this brave little man all the best of luck my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Sorry I have just read your post. How is your Grandson? I am sorry if I have missed any updates. I'm still a little behind on e-mails.

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What a day you had. Hope all goes well with operation for him poor thing. Hope you have recovered too

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