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Morning all I have a tale from yesterday of caution to you all

I had my hair cut and jumped into the car (well do an impersonation) OH complemented me on being Shaun and we set off to go to "Dunelm" however at the traffic lights I found myself in the wrong lane not turning left in the right hand lane but straight over in the left

so of course I mention it and next thing himself is swerving across the and driving down the wrong side of a traffic light on the wrong side of the road - thank goodness nothing was in this lane or we would have been putty . He drove me to Matalan this is where you asked to go he said, So calmly I got out and went around the shop.

On leaving I made the big mistake of saying I would like to drive know oops wrong one mortified upsett nasty old man.

I took the keys and drove to Dunelm.

I know it was my fault this wretched fog means I get things wrong I didnt need him to yell at me about all the times I get dates wron etc. He was never going to drive ever again rather like a severly upset teenager.

So check where you say you want to go! And what ever happens hold your peace. I am sure there is a moral in there some where

xgins The driver

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aw! gins xxx snuggly fluffies :)


thanks hun xx


Oh dear gins.I have many a mishap whilst driving myself so can emphasise :)


Hugs Gins


Oh whoops gins, I am the worst passenger in the whole world...... Never let it be said I like to be control of my own destiny hehehehe, I can recall a very very alarming drive up in Scotland along the side of one of the big lochs, with walls on either side of the road, also very narrow and the person driving decided the best option was to cut all the corners :o :o Oh my decision was never, ever to be driven by him ever again.....phew !!!!

Foggy x


The strange thing I usually always drive I think k I stick to driving


It wasn't in Brighton was it??