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Help - losing my job - update

Thanks to everyone's help and a jolly good kick up my backside by me, I'm helping myself by compiling a file of everything I can find to help me with my case. It dates from 2009! I never realised my carrier bag filing would pay off! Taking days to sort out so wish I'd begun before. Anyway I have a union rep who is an equalities specialist, a dad who had to go through his workplace trying to dump him because he was better at his job and therefore better paid than the top man! Support from work colleagues, bless them all. Bless you all too for your help - it has made a big difference. I was losing hope and ready to throw in the towel, whereas now, if I lose the case it won't be for giving in and I have an idea of alternatives I could aim for - medical redundancy for one! But having found a map of the old/new place I think I can show why I was off sick so much - and it wasn't my fault or just FM! Wish I could tell you more but you never know who is listening! Anyway, when I can I will come back and fill you in. Thank you so much.

Soft hugs

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Good luck Sarah-Jane, and I genuinely hope that you can win your battle!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Sounds positive - Good Luck!

(Ihave carrier bag storage system too!)


Keep fighting Sarah - Jane. I have a box filing system.


Hi Sarah_Jane,

I have been thinking of you and hoping things were looking more positive. Good to hear your carrier bag filing turned out to have useful stuff in it. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you win this fight. You deserve to!

Gentle hugs



Best of luck Sarah Jane.


Hello Sarah_Jane,

Great to hear your update and it seems you've found a positive way to address this with a back up plan too. So glad all the support & advice from other experiences have gone some way to help you figure out the best way to address this situation.

If you need any further info on your rights or reasonable adjustments please do email me and see our website;

If you need any other information please see the Citizen Advice bureau website and Disability Rights UK have great factsheets too

Please do keep us updated, best of luck

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


good luck sarah_jane hope you win your fight.hugsxx


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