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My first Blog

My first Blog

Hi All, Just discovered this area of the site although have been registered for a while. I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia about 21/2 years ago although I know I have had it much longer. I had a ligament stabilisation for a degenerated disk about 15 years ago followed by a repair to the false ligament a few years later. I had arranged to see a rheumatologist due to the pains in my feet (my brother has Psoriatic Arthritis which started with foot and leg pain), whilst she carried out various tests which ruled out the arthritis but showed another disk prolapse, I was on the net and actually took in the symptom page off of the site with me when I went for the results. I showed her the list as I had pretty much all of the symptoms listed and she agreed with my diagnosis except for stating that she preferred to call it Chronic Pain, advising it was a knock on effect of the long term back problems. I have since discovered it just depends on who you are talking to as to what name they give it. I have put off further surgery for the 2nd disk since at the time of diagnosis I was going through a rather complicated divorce, there also seems little point if the problem is just going to work its way up my back. I now live alone except for my cat in my own little bungalow in Southend and get by with the love and support of my family and friends, some of whom have similar health issues so we all help support each other. The biggest bain of my life, like many others is dear old ATOS. I was awarded 18 points at my ESA tribunal in December 2010 only to have them taken away at reassessment in June 2011, a year later I am still awaiting a date for my new tribunal. I applied for DLA after I was awarded full ESA , got turned down and didn't have the energy to appeal but armed with the knowledge I have gained from this site and the Benefits and work one I will reapply once I have got my ESA tribunal out of the way. The best thing about this site is knowing that I am not alone in my fight, the downside is I am spending far too much time sitting in front of my computer (-;

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Hi lynn,

Welcome from me. :)

I sit here for hours on this site its a bad influence lol.

I have made some really good friends through this site and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Evereyone is struggling with dla and esa at the moment i have just been turned down again, but i will fight it this time.

Good luck with yours.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi and welcome to the site x i am sure you will enjoy being on here and will make lots of friends and gain alot of advice and help love diddle x


Hey Lynn, Gentle hugs, and welcome to this lovely online Fibro community. It's been a real lifeline for all who joined - and a wonderful place to let off steam having a good moan to other sufferers who understand and will not judge. I hope you find any help and support you need from the site. It's a friendly place and a home away from home for some of us!


Carol xx


Hi Lynn and Welcome. You are honoured this morning because you'll probably never here a word from me before mid-day again lol.

I've been a member a whole month and it's changed my life. I can't tell you how much. It's improved my relationships with everybody else in my life because I don't even need to talk to them about how I feel mentally or physically and so the risk of a row because they say something really stupid is eliminated.

That's just one of the benefits and I've decided I'm going to mention one every time so that you guys know how much I need you.

Whippet x


Thank you all for your warm welcome xx

Christine, thanks for the info re the benefits and work site. I had been thinking of joining when I had the money, glad I didn't now the free info will be of great help. I will contact Lindsey and might even apply before I hear about the tribunal as I have been told it could still be a while off yet x

Whippet thank you, I feel very honoured lol - I know what you mean as I am very slow to get going in the morning too xx


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