I dont suffer from fibro but wanted to tell everyone that it is def worthwhile apealing against an esa decision . I am diabetic and have chronic neuropathy in legs and also affects bowels , digestion and eyesight . plus I have polyarthropathy in multiple joints . In jan 20212 i attended an esa "medical" if it can be called that . I received a leter informing me that I had scored 0 (zero) points !! . I appealed straight away , got a letter from my doc - and also contacted the local welfare benefits advisor in bridgend where i live , who is fantastic. After a v stressfull 8 mths i had my tribunal today . We walked into the court and the judge and doctor said " WHY ARE YOU HERE - THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE GONE THIS FAR " They immediatlly awarded me esa in the support group . I was in there 10 mins . This only goes to show how useless atos really are !!!.

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  • wow good for you lovely to hear good news

    Lin x

  • Great news.

    I certainly got the impression at the Tribunal my husband had to go to that the Ministry of Justice are pretty p**d off with the excessive workload being put on them by the incompetence of ATOS/DWP!

  • Well impressed i am awaitin an appeal for that hun, just got my dla back after an 18mth battle so this one shud b fun xxx

  • It is gettin rather funny now how many people r passin with support 'n' detemination xxx They must b well p**d off xxxx

  • I won my appeal and was put into the support group but received a letter today from esa and they apparently have decided to put me into the worked related

    group..tried calling them but lines were busy all day...can they do that? It clearly states on my appeal judgement that i was to be put in the support group.

  • Hi Pixiemax

    I would be really interested to hear the answer to your question as its another loop hole we all need to be aware of it. Have you stayed in the support group as you were given that judgement by the tribunal. Its worrying to think that DWP can overrule the tribunals. In that case what would be the point of the tribunals. I hope you can get an answer on this one soon

    Colleen xx

  • Finally got through to esa and I have according to them been put into the work related group but told them it clearly states on the tribunal forms that I was to be put into the support group. They are looking into it and will get back to me within 48 hours so we'll see what happens next will keep you updated

  • It will be very interesting to hear how you get on Pixie. Personally I would have thought that what the tribunal have ruled is what should happen. Please do keep us posted and good luck. xx

  • Just a wee update about the esa grouping..esa got back to me and said they had been in touch with the appeals office and i have been put into the work related group..was not happy with this so phoned the appeals office today.They agree its very confusing as it says on the appeal papers that i'm incapable of working and in brackets says support group. the legal member who was on the appeal tribunal is in tomorrow and they're gonna speak to him and get back to me tomorrow. Will keep you posted

  • its also worth noting that you can take a doctors letter and other evidence with you to an assessment, this is what I did and I was awarded and haven't had the added stress (like we don't have enough already) of going through an appeal xx

  • Nice one mate. good for you for not giving in. I gave in a few years ago as I applied for DLA. I could not take the stress and pain. It sent my ME/CFS and Fibro out of control iI spent nearly 3 months in bed with severe depression.

    You have given me cOurage and will keep this in mind if it should happEn to me god willing hope it will not.


  • yes, well done,Im really pleased for you. Im going to follow your example.Ive been to hell and back thanks to atos/dwp/government.

  • REALLY pleased for you. i hope you can take a well-deserved breather now. :-)

  • So pleased for you, well done! :)

  • Congratulations, seem to be hearing more success stories than failures lately. Hope it is a good omen, got my ESA appeal on the 29th (2nd time around) xx

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