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ESA Question

Hi, i've just been reading an article which says esa is only awarded for 12 months. i'm currently waiting for an esa tribunal appeal date but if the above is true then does that mean i will have to do it all again from november?? Does the dwp, mr caMORON and the other idiots in government think we will all be miraculously cured of this chronic illness in 12 months?? jeez is it all really worth it, feeling like the biggest liar on the planet every yr just so some person at atos can lie through their teeth just to get a bonus?? sorry if its a rant but am really fed up xxx

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I totally agree they should be ashamed and I believe it will only get worse. I am also disabled so have to go through that too! best wishes Caz


thank for reply Caz, i'll have it to go through with dla as well next year when they change the goalposts for that too. Think we should just all become alcoholics or smack heads then we wont have to go through this farce every year :( do they think we choose to have this illness and sit on our bottoms all day?? i loved my job and was heartbroken wheen i had to leave, also have a 2 yr old toddler who i feel guilty about not being able to play like a healthy mummy should xxx


As far as i am aware there are two kinds of esa, one is the work related esa and the second is theincome related group. All the time i was with my husband i could claim the work related which was based on my income for the previous tax years, and i wasn't entitled to free prescriptions etc and had to attend work related interviews, i could only recieve this for 365 days i would then be entitled to no help what so ever. Now i am on my own i can claim income related and i am entitled to free eveything, although this is under appeal still. If you are really not fit for work you need to appeal now to be placed in the income related support group before they stop your money altogether, you can still be placed in this group if you are with a partner i think. I hope this all makes sense, it has taken me ages to get my head around.

Good luck x


I am also appealing my ESA & am into my 4th month of waiting for a date. I find it all very stressful & it does make me anxious.

Good luck.



as i understand the change. you can only recieve esa for 12months from date of claim or from march 2012 when the changes took effect this applies to both income and contribution based esa. that is unless you are placed in the support group from a medical with atos healthcare or by the tribunal upon appeal. if you are appealing against a dwp decision you must be paid by dwp until the tribunal has made a decision. right here goes the way dwp try to catch you out:-

dwp will tell you you must continue to send in med certs.

dwp will tell you you must sign on to recieve benefit while waiting. if you sign on you are declaring that you are fit and actively seeking work. if you have supplied a med cert that says you are unfit for work you are making a false declaration and liable to prosecution. also you cannot enter a work place if there is a med cert in force saying you are unfit as HSE legislation says you must be fit to carry out your duties, and Employers liability insurance will not cover you or the employer for the same reason. you have to insist on staying on esa until appeal is heard in birmingham currently 12month wait for tribunals for esa. hope this helps, won my appeal in april.


its soo bad im awaiting a e.s.a tribrunal.and got our money stopped3 weeks ago and am left with nothing.weve had to sell stuff and get a crisis loan.

they have re-instated it but still waiting letter and they wont give us any money untill they one.

its a pathetic we can live off nothing.

so keep fighting and appealing im gonna.


yes its only the support group you get for life without reapplying.

hugs x


I'm afraid you do have to reapply if you're put in the support group. I've just been told that I'm in this group, and my payments are from 13th July to 29th November 2012, when I'll have to reapply.

Of course I'll be miraculously cured by then, and won't need any benefits *she says sarcastically*.

This government won't be happy until we're all in workhouses again.


hi sammy have you tried for hardship allowance, if not could be worth a try. good luck paula x


Hi Paula, sorry to jump in a bit late on this, but could you tell me a bit more about the hardship allowance you say about and how one could go about getting it should things go badly wrong - as I fear they might do.

Take care and thanks muchly Dottii x


i asked when i appealed to be put on the esa assessment rate so i dont have to go sign on , i just have to send med certificates in. my gp signs them for 13 weeks at a time. I wish i was fit for work because at least then i would be pain free and be able to wake up feeling rested, no spasms, loss of vision, forgetting things, slurring words etc.

hopefully them in power will come to recognise this illness for what it is, a debillitating life limiting soul sucking thing and that we wouldnt wish it on our worst enemies!!!


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