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Hi I have just joined, have had rheumatoid arthritis for twelve years now and just find out that I think I may have fibromyalgia, Been in pain for aches and thought it was all down to my arthritis, until someone told me about fibromyalgia. I looked it up and my symptoms are it to a tee. No wonder the steroid injections are getting rid of the pain. Went to the doctors today and she just said up the pain killers. Is there anything else that helps?

Thanks Kim

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Hi Kim and welcome, I am pretty new to all this too so I am afraid not much help Everyone is so helpful and friendly on here so I am sure you will love it . Meds are good for the pain when you get the right ones and some people are on others meds apart from painkillers I think. I am sure there will be lots of people to help you out. I just wanted to welcome you

Gentle hugs



Hi penny already on lots have you tried any mineral hospitals?


hi and a warm welcome to you i am on a mutitude of tablets we all are depends on your gp and what suits you as to what you are on but i find heat helps the heat pads you buy you stick them on your clothes and also electric blanket not in summer though lol and i have a massage and heat pad you put iyt on back od sofa and or any chair / bed they are nice and the deep heat creams and sprays but they are not hings that last long but helps for a bit i hope that we will chat again i am sure you will benefit from being on here love diddle x


hi, can have massages as too painful, will give the heat pads a go though. thanks


Hi Kim and welcome to the site. Have you tried any of the complimentary therapies, I find these very relaxing and when I am relaxed I find the pain is easier to cope with. Love Angela xx


no what types are there, i am afraid i am a bit naive have only just got an OT as didn't know I could have one. didn;t realise there was so much help and support out there


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