I just had to post my news today as I am still in a state of extreme shock and disbelief. My ESA Appeal Tribunal was scheduled today at Bradford Courts at 4pm. I have been angsting, stressing and crying for hours over this, worrying myself sick. I took the advice I saw on these pages and sent in an 8 page document on my typical day, a 5 page document listing all my medical conditions, what they are and how they affect me as well as letters from my pain clinic, GP and 7 different consultants. No real new information was included, just a rehash and a bit more details of old information. Anyway, this morning at about 10am I had a phone call from the Tribunal saying they'd had two cancellations and could I come earlier? Of course I couldn't as I had arranged with my ex to take the afternoon off work so he could take me and explained he could not drop everything and change arrangements. Then, at 1pm I received a second call from the Tribunal stating 'we have reassessed the information you send us and have decided that you don't need to attend the Tribunal and we have awarded you with continued ESA'. Can you believe it? Am I dreaming? Where did this common sense come from? The relief I feel and freedom from horrific stress and anxiety is impossible to measure and I'm sharing this to offer hope to others on this forum who, like me, have probably been bricking it with worry. I'm sure there's a nefarious political reason why they have awarded this to me but I feel this turnaround offers hope to all of you out there so good luck everyone! (Jeez! I'm so relieved I still can't believe it. :-))

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  • well done! I am so pleased you have had your ESA appeal unheld :-). Just a shame they put you in so much stress to do it.



  • Thank you! There's still a little part of me thinking maybe they made a mistake, maybe it's a cruel wind-up but, in honesty, I am over the moon with relief! I so hope others, too, will benefit from this blip of common sense. :-)

  • Well done how marvelous and you didn't have to attend way to go girl! I am sure you are feeling very relieved at the moment.:)

    Now you can recover and put it behind you.

    Take care xxgins

  • Thank you, I will. :-)

  • That is really good news I can imagine the amount of stress you have been through but now relief yes it did just happen its true. I believe that the whole system is a mess just now and nobody knows what they are doing. Just relax now x

  • Thanks Bracken1. Wise words. :-)

  • Congratulations, fantastic that you didn't have to go to tribunal. Relax and enjoy not being hassled for a while!

  • Hi Yorkshiregirlie

    That is absolutely amazing news! Well done! I cannot tell you how happy I feel for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hello Yorkshiregirlie,

    Fantastic news, you sound so relieved and having recently had my decision into ESA support group I understand.

    Well Done !

    Emma :)

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  • Hi thats wonderful I'm so happy for you, I bet the weight lifted from your shoulder is Humongous. This gives me hope I've not worked since 2005 and have various illnesses I had a Assessment 2wks ago this as gone on for 7mnths now playing the waiting game. Well done from another yorkshire lassie. MG

  • Wow lovely news x

  • Thank you to everyone for your kind support. It really does make me feel part of a family community and so much less alone in the world. :-) xxxxxx

  • Fantastic news. Good result.

    The tribunal is at least not run by ATOS or DWP and with the judge and a proper doctor looking at the information can make an informed decision. I went to mine and it was over in minutes and awarded to me with genuine concern on how I manage when I my wife is at her part time work!

  • Thanks Offcut and it's great to hear that you, too, were the recipient of common sense. Result!

  • This happened too frequently when I worked as an advice worker I often went with clients to tribunal only for the tribunal chair to come and tell me that the appeal had been reassessed by tribunal and that the client was not needed as the benefit had been awarded by the tribunal

  • That's weird. Why would they do that? Surely it would save everyone's time (and nerves) to just let them know asap? Oh well, that's politics! :-p

  • Hi Yorkshiregirl

    Wonderful news I am so glad that you have at last got the decision you deserved and like the others I just feel it is such a pity that you had to go through so much stress to get there. It was strange only this morning my husband and I were talking about when he went to appeal over his ESA decision. From application to a tribunal decision it took 2 years! At our first tribunal hearing they agreed d that there were inconsistencies in the ATOS report but they needed more medical evidence in order to make a considered decision and it would take between 6-8 weeks but it was nearly a year before we were called back. We were reminiscing about when the Judge said that the appeal had gone in our favour we both sat there looking at each other not believing that the nightmare of 2 years standing was actually over. When we got outside we kept on saying we did hear him right didn't we? It was only when he had the official letter and the cheque for the backpay that we truly believed that he had won so we can fully commiserate with you on what you have been through. Now you can relax and spend your energy fighting your illness and not having to fight the system. Every good luck for the futurex

  • Thanks Rosewine, that's actually very reassuring as it IS hard to take in after all the months and kerfuffle. My new mantra is believe believe believe! :-)

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