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feeling spaced out

Ive now had to increase my meds, but they re still not doing much for the pain, I just feel really drunk, last night I looked paraletic and was in bed by 9pm,well I fell in to the bed,they ve lightened my mood but I feel really strange, I even gave my youngest son £10 to go out last night, and hes nearly 20,

The whole famiy thought I was drunk, good thing there was someone here all day to prove I hadnt

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Maybe a call to the Drs, see if you can get a call back to discuss it with them.

I hope you start to feel a bit better, feeling drunk without alcohol is just



What meds are you on? It's common with medications to have initial side effects that wear off. Did you ask your doctor how long the side effects might last when he suggested upping the dose?


Im on baclofen 20mg, gabapentin 3600mg, and duloxetime 80mg, Im hoping the side effects will pass, or Ill have no moey left[lol]


Oh not nice, but I could do with some of that you are getting cant

remember the last time I felt spaced out, but I dont expect you

enjoyed it much


That's how Amyltriptylin left me. Dr. gave it to me to help me sleep, but no matter how early in the evening I took it, it didn't actually help me sleep, but left me spaced out in the morning for hours! As I have to drive to work, soon stopped it before I was had up for DD!. Sue X


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