feeling weird?

I have had quite a stressful day yesterday and i was good and went straight to bed when i got in.

It was really hard to get out of bed this morning, but have kids so had to. Got to school on time no rushing, went to sisters for a cuppa so i dont have to walk too far at once, then i have came home done nothing and thought i will do some ironing i only stood for 10 mins and started feel all shakey and weird, my eyes are playing up to.

Last time i felt like this it was 6 weeks of pure hell for me and it was only in november.

I do hope it goes today and i havent got my mother in law to pick the kids up for me as she is hospital.

Sorry i needed a moan.

hugs, kel xxxx

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  • Oh Kel, I hope you're ok love and not going to have a flare. Maybe it's cos you're worrying about your mum in law?

    Take it easy, don't do the ironing, easy to say when you've got kids I know but just pace yourself as we always say to each other.

    Hugs Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanx sue,

    I am not doing anymore ironing, i hope it just because i am stressed.

    I cant take it easy after three when my little devils come in lol.

    I wil try, i promise.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • hi it is ok and i get that where i stand and go dizzy ans i go all shakey too i always think my blood sugar is low when that happens as i am on alot of tablets including apeppidine for my carpal tunnel and ferrous sulphate for my iron as i am often on iron tablets but i dont always tanke thos i am naughty

    i had my bloods done about 2 years ago a routine and got called into the doctors i thought it wa strange the doctor was so worried my iron was so low she sdidnt know how i was walking around she said i was beyond belief lol never mind i jus wondered if your iron is low ? love to you diddle x

  • HI diddle,

    I always have low iron when pregnant and i am not pregnant (unless i am mary) lol.

    I was wondering about my iron yesterday as my red bits in my eyes are not red they are pinky white colour which is usually a sign but i am not sure when i last had that test done. If it carries on i will phone the docs.

    My head just doesnt feel with it and i actually feel off my head but havent took any tablets since 11 so it cant be them, i hope it does one soon as i havent got time for it this week lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • well i can assure you my iron i not as i am pregnant lol been sterislised 19 years but seriously i would get blood test please call your gp you are exactly how i am when mine is low and also your mothin law you worrying abput her wont help as jules says love to you diddle x

  • Thanx jules,

    I hope it is just that, he doesnt get in until five and then i just havent got time to rest at that time of night, i hate tea time lol.

    I will have an early night though,

    hugs, kel xxxxx

  • me too kel ,its such a mad time ,

    mine have all had a quick meal tonight ,i just havnt got the energy lol

    hope you feel better later hun and can rest :) xxxxxx

  • Thanx lynz,

    I feel better than before. :)

    I am still really shakey, but i am hoping its just stress as if it was a big flare i would be in bed by now.

    I have a recipe book i made myself for quick and easy meals for either me to do or andrew to do when i cant. :)

    hugs, kel xxxx

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