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Feeling drunk and wobbly! Fybro

I currently take lyrica (pregabalin) and amitryptaline i have used this for around three years on quite a low dose and usually it has kept my pain and tiredness down to a bareable level. but at the moment for some un known reason i am in agony can barely move my legs do not feel like they belong to me! So the doc has doubled my doses but now i feel drunk and disorianteded!

Just wanted to know if anybody else taking these feel like they are drunk and not in control of their body!?!

walking now is just ridiculous i feel like my legs are asleep trying to walk in a straight line is very hard, ive started twitching especially at night and my feet feel swollen however they are not to look at? I am vey confused i feel worse!

Scared myself yesterday as i lifted a newly boiled kettle and my arm felt so weak i dropped it and it missed my two year old by an inch! Could have been devistating if any of the water had hit her!

I feel my new doctor is out of her depth when it comes to fybro she has no advice she looks at me puzzled like she doesnt onow what to do! I have been signed off work now for five weeks i havnt been like this since my very first symtoms before i knew what i had! Feeling very down as i have two young children who want to play with Mummy bit i just don't have the energy even talking my brains finding hard its like my body has shit down!

Sorry for rambling felt like i needed a moan as i think my husband has had enough of my moaning about it today lol x feel very alone

Ike no one understands! X

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Shut * down not shit down lol sorry told you the old brain is not functioning!


Hi love I have had this at weekend when I started cymbalta I really feel for you I felt right ill hope you ok soon xx


Thanks x hope u feel ok too!


I was the same when my lyrica was increased and had to go back to my usual dosage. please talk to your gp.


Glad to know i am not the only one!

Its a tad concerning i have dropped two glasses today and a plate! Going to have nothing to eat or drink from by monday! Lol

Is Lyrica the only med you can have ? i once was given gabapentin but that made me twitch like crazy and kept making my muscles in my jaw twitch which made me keep smashing my teeth together so stopped that rather sharpish was awful. Lyrica has been pretty good up until now but thinking back it is how i felt when i very first started taking Lyrica so maybe its just my body ajusting to it!

I think i will give it till monday n see how i am feeling only had this new dose 5days!

Just feeling frustrated its like being trapped inside someone elses body ! X


Hi there

Doubling your dose of two strong medications in one go is bound to make you feel the way you are.

Please be assured you're not alone and a lot of fellow sufferers do care.

I would definitely go back to your GP. I'm on some high doses of various very strong medications, but they've always been increased slowly over a matter of days or weeks.

It's only my opinion and I'm obviously not a doctor, but considering the near accident you had with the kettle have you thought about going back to your usual dose until Monday when you can contact your surgery? It's just a thought.

Thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful weekend.

BM xx

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Thanks i do have an appointment next week so will try and talk to her again see what she says! But i have been there before and they have just said its something you will have to get used too.

Like i said before i feel they don't understand. I asked for another review and yet she said no how about we give it another two weeks and then see how you are.... 6 weeks later waiting for my appointment feel like she is avoiding me as doesnt know what to say or do!

I tried going back to my usual dose but then the pain was back... Just not sure whats the best pain or feeling wobbly! Both seem just as bad!

I am fine when i am just pottering around the house like a pensioner but anything more is just hard work. Slightly worried about going back to work as its a very strenuous job involving alot of running backwards and forwards for a full 8hours!

Thanks for your responce! X


Unfortunately, doubling the dose too quickly can just be too much for some people, especially with the Pregablin. My doctor started me on 25mg twice a day and slowly increased as he knew I had reacted badly to quite a few medications. I too was like that with Pregablin and it took my body at least 2 weeks on each dose to slowly be able to incfrease the dose. I can understand you are scared after the incident with the kettle. I also think alot of doctors aren't that familiar with fibro. If you feel that you aren't been listened to is their another GP you could see at the practice. Don't worry about moaning as I am sure that we all understand how you feel, everyone has to let off steam or we would explode some daysx


Yeah i was just thinking back to when i originally started this my original bloody fantastic doctor who i miss greatly said it would take 4-6 weeks to ajust to new doses so maybe im just being inpatient. Its just a worry thinking of accidents with two small children! But i will just have to be extra vidulant and careful xx

I do think general GP's don' t seem to have alot of knowledge on the subject but i have requested to have hydrotherapy back again as this was a godsend last time i had a bad flare up but i know the process to getting it is very long as i have to see a physio again first, fingers crossed its not long this time!

I have recently moved county and so a, having to kind of start back at the beginning again! Xx


It is always diffucult when you change doctors and hospitals as you don;t really know what is on offer in the vicinity do you. I hope they can fix some hydrotherapy for you it is such a shame all these waiting lists are so long.x


Hello sparklecaz

Do you mind if I ask you what was your dose initially? and what is it now?

Just in case it v v high dose !

Rosewine has covered it really I was either in pain unbearable pain or clumsy throwing cold drinks everywhere as I fell asleep they even say side effect is clumsiness and somnolence which describes how I was think it means unconscious that how I felt

However I took control and with aid of some pregabalin 25mg I decreased and increased the dose until I found best pain relief and least side effects I now take 150mg in morning and 225mg in evening ! It is not to be recommended I found it easy as I was a nurse. ( senior ward sister) and had two weekly home visits from GP who checked my blood pressure and weight gain and leg swelling . What a wonderful GP he was sadly I had to move and no way do u get home visit and there is a big poster saying one problem one visit . NOT GONNA WORK WITH FIBRO !!!! Take care all of you love squeak xx


I am still on quite a low dose i was on 25mg in the morning and 50 at night and now they have both doubled so 50 mg during the day and 100 at night. I have been told i am aloud up to six but i think this amount would kill me lol i struggle with this new amount and i worry having two small children around so i try and just get on with it. But then it gets to a certain point where you are just exhausted from tring to keep functioning, its like i'm fighting the pills. I have amitryptaline too which has gone from 10mg -30mg because i am not sleeping at all even when i am shattered all day long it comes to the time i can shut off and it just doesnt happen then i eventually do fall asleep the struggle to wake up and feel like a zombie in the morning! Vicious cycle!


Sorry that didnt really make sence lol trying to write with two children next to me screaming at each other and i got a bit distracted! X


Hello sparklecaz

I have just spent ages replying and I have lost

it !!! The reply to you I lost as well as my mind now



Basically I said you need your GP Honey

Does pregabalin help with pain ?

The night time dose should help you sleep

You GP has many options he/she could split the daytime doses into 2 so take 25mg in morning

25mg. At lunchtime

Keep 100mg dose for night


GP could lower doses and divide by 3 times. A day

The best dose for pain with amiltriptyline use to be 50mg he may be trying to slowly get you there but it can have side effect to but will help sleep it use to really work on me

If you can't continue any more you can ring 111

Or if possible ring tommorrow and get a dr to ring you tomorrow

Thinking of you I have no kids and when I started pregabalin it was weird odd everything u say but it did eventually give me 6 amazing good months

Lots of hugs squeak xxxx ps let me know what gp says oh and if you find my 1st reply

Pps is it only me this happens to ??? Xxxx


Lol know worries!

I feel like i have taken amitryptaline for too long now nearly four years feel like they no longer work! Upping those still doesnt make me sleep and am now on three lyrica gave me a bad 4-6 weeks originally when i stared then i have had a good 8-10 months wch is amazing i actually had the best best day four days ago the best i have felt since all ts begun 4 years ago it made my day it was like there was nothing wrong was on a high that day but the next day was the complete opposit? So was this a glimmer of what could happen if i stick with it? I just dont know i suppose thats one of the st irritating things with fibro its unpredictability!

I will post when i see me doctor if i can get a closer appointment than whats already booked for thursday!

Thanks all ts chat site has really helped me makes me feel better knowing im not alone! Xxx

I actually didnt take any tablets today and although my pain is back it was nice to feel clear headed for a bit! X


I am so sorry for the appauling spelling and missed out letters should have proof read before posting x i hope u can understand that jumble of text lol x


Don't worry about spelling love , you have seen mine !! I can't believe it the b*****d message has gone again I only fell asleep for few mins !!! I'm going to post about it !!

Seriously I am thinking about you and hope you get everything sorted . Nice meeting you hugs squeak/Sally xxx


Hi Sparklecaz

I am so sorry to read that your Lyrica is making you feel this way, and if it is any consolation, I have read posts from many members who feel the same way when they first had their Lyrica increased? Hopefully it will pass in time. What may be helpful is keeping a diary of everything to present to your GP if this continues, as you will have something documented for when you go?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Yes i deffo need to wite it down because i am terrible at remembering anything! especially important things that i need to tell the doctor!

Thanks x


Sounds like you need to get your doctor to change your meds. I used to be able to take so many medicines but as time goes on I've become allergic to a huge amount of them or I react the opposite of how 95% of people do. Then there are some meds that stop working and or get me terrible side effects. I think it's part of fibromyalgia. Hope this helps you sweetheart and you get straightened out!!! xxx Mitzi


Thanks i hope i get them sorted too! Ive also started getting knots in my muscles that are ridiculously painful and need urgent Deep massage all it takes is me to make a sudden movement and ping theregoes another knot strange! They are really deep down near my bones aswell its strange thankfully have all happened when the hubby has been at home so he has been able to help! :)


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