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Spaced Out!!!

Hi everyone,

I may of asked people this question before but I can't remember and don't see it in any of my past questions asked. Does anyone else get feelings of being spaced out? I was at a funeral on Tuesday and I rested all day yesterday and even felt okay. Today though I've felt spaced out, not normal at all. Has anyone else had this? I don't feel like I belong in my body. I feel like I'm outside of my body or floating above it. The funeral was a burial which I've never been to before and was in and out of my wheelchair at certain times and crutches the other. I've simply been resting today and sleeping which isn't unusual. So, I simply wondered if anyone else had experienced any of this before?

Thanks everyone in advance,

Kim (Babebatista)


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Hi Kim,

I think when you loose somebody the reality gradually soaks in and yes we can feel spaced out. Dont worry it will get easier as time goes by so you are doing the right thing rest and recouperate. Tomorrow is another day.

Blessings xgins


Hi gins thank you hun. Honestly I've had this two years now so I know its still early days but I'm still learning about everything that you feel and think to do with this. Just when you think you know everything something else comes along and introduces itself to you. I think in some way I'll always be learning. Gentle fibro hugs to you xxx


constantly and its really hard to explain to other people I tried to explain this to my support worker and she just looked puzzled all though its good to find im not the only one who gets this I feel for you and your loss I hope you feel better soon take care.x


HI Munchkin,

Thank you so much for your kind comments :) xxx


Oh boy yes, sometimes feel like a zombie or like a trance sort of state. Strangely enough I find it can be worse if I don't eat protein at breakfast. Doesn't always work, but sometimes helps. Fibro is such a weird, strange thing.


Hi Laurie,

Yes it is and I think the point is, that I/we are all still learning about our bodies and how they change with fibro. It's not the best thing to live with. Gentle fibro hugs xxx


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