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Just started gabapentin help anyone

Hi im trace

I just started gabapentin I took 100mg yestetday and was so scared with side effects so skipped last nights dose I took 200mg this morning and have been drunk feeling all day just comming right now

Im very sensitive to meds and take Valium 12mg through the day .....5mg morning ..lunch 2mg ...bed 5mg. ...

I know I stuffed up taking 200mg this morning my aim was taking 200mg night to help for sleep and pain and 100mg morning my gp is away till monday if I take 200mg tonight and 100mg tomorrow starting a fresh will that be ok or should I skip tonights and start fresh tomorrow night 100mg

I took my dose at 9am this morning I should have only taken 100mg but doubled up by mistake will taking 100mg ok my gp is leaving it up to me cos I was on it a while ago but got off cos of side effects but I need it for pain and anxiety

Can anyone help me .....im sensitive to meds my thought was 200mg at night and 100mg morning ....but is it ok if I take 100mg tonight

I live in australia so im not sure ill get many replys being your night time ....just that the 200mg took away oain and anxiety but I was drunk and falling over so im thinking maybe 100mg to start .....is it safe to take 100mg tonight

Thanks im a newbie here any help would be good

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Morning Hun,

It’s morning in the UK so hopefully I’ll be able to help a little ☺️

When it comes to medication the best thing to do is always speak to your GP as they will know a lot more than any of us and something that works for us might not work for you! I took Gabapentin for a long time and like you I struggled to begin with; if you can I would advise increasing it slowly to the dose you want to get to and also give it so time for you to adjust to it as it can take some time hun!

Hope this helps ♥️


Thanks so much yeah its scary I know people take it twice a day so im a bit scared not taking it tonight but its trial and error I supose ....your right taking it slow 200mg was too much this morning ....yeah maybe ill skip tonight and start tomorrow night at 100mg I know you can only advise me it really helps with anxiety at 200mg ....

Im not sure what to do thats why I posted maybe 100mg tonight will be ok I know it only lasts 7 hours or so ....so my body prob will want some tonight sorry just anxious with this ....you read so much on line horror story's im very confused

Thankyou so much for your help


I completely agree! It can be a very scary situation! Do you have an emergency line you can ring? In the UK we have 111 which is like a step down from 999 and they can offer you advise and get you a GP appointment if you need it...... xxx

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Yeah I could go to after hours gp but here in australia they will just say do what your gp says but my gp and I got off it but I think I need it again as im wanting to come off other pills thatcare real adictive like codeine and valium and think gaba will help me

Ill see how I feel tonight if I need 100mg ill take it ....if not ill wait till tomorrow night

Thanks Danielle ☺

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Hi I'm Susan from Bedfordshire on the UK. I have been taking Gabapentin for about 5 years now. I have learned like you it has done very significant side effects. I can remember, like you starting on them on low doses.

I advise not doubling up on doses but stick to what is prescribed.. e.g. If you miss one don't take two next time as I know from my experience it will make you feel awful. I found it takes time to get used to taking it and slowly built up my dose over months not days.. I take 600mcg x 3 daily now and started on 200mcg per day.

If I were you I would take only what I was prescribed, not take any double doses and talk to GP on Monday. You will feel a little odd at first but it will settle. I have found the effects amazing and has changed my life, making the pain more bearable, so believe it is worth sticking it out.

Good luck and hope this is helpful 😀


Thanks susan yeah its me that started again I took 100mg yesterday morning and was scared what people where saying on line side eff3cts ect so I didnt take 100mg last night I know im on a low dose

But took 200mg this morning so if I take 100mg tonight thats 300mg for the day and I think that will be too much but my body is looking for it now its been 10 hours since I took 200mg I was very groggy and drunk like all day im coming off ativan so its tough maybe ill just skip tonight and start taking it again tomorrow night 100mg I think 200mg was just too much after being off it 2 and a half weeks my gp is not knowable with gaba but when I stopped too quick she dropped me too fast I was on 100mg at night so I think ill have to bear the agony and start again tomorrow night at 100mg

Thanks so much for your help I went off it cos my left eye is stinging and sore I think it might be the gaba but I mever had it before when I was on it ....its hard my gp will be angry I restarted it but its hard ot helps my psin and anxiety so I think ill wait till tomorrow morning or tomorrow night and restart at 100mg its the lowest dose I just thought people here might know if its safe to take 100mg tonight but maybe ill play it safe and restart tomorrow

Thanks so much susan


Hi there

If I were you I think I would take my tablet tonight and stick to the regime. Do you get leaflets about your medicines? they often are helpful about how to take meds.

I hope you will feel better over the next 24/36 hours .. do you have a helpline or can you talk to any health professional as you may feel better with some of their advice.

I know it is scarey changing meds and feel bad for you. Please keep messaging as there are lots of people with lots of experience who may be able to offer support.

Also, without a health helpline, or an out of hours Gp service, if you have any worries that you have taken too many meds you could try ringing your hospital A&E to ask if they think you need to see a Doctor or not.. this may mean a trip to the emergency department but it will mean you get professional advice.

Thinking of you 😀

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Thanks susan so much for your help yeah I was thinking the same thing I should take my 100mg tonight even tho I stuffed up this morning im in pain and my plan was 100mg night and tiltrate from there my gp said if I was to start it again just see how I feel but take the night dose for sleep and pain so I think I will take it tonight and go from there see how I feel tomorrow morning I would not go any higher just stay low dose and start again tomorrow

Thanks so much

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Hi hun- can I say to you that gabapent doesnt suit evryone, IF you need to adjust your dose do this with a doctors help, there are many drugs that just do not mix together and give off horrible side effects, I couldnt take gabapent or pregab I reverted to conventional pain relief, you dont sound like you,ve been taking them long so go back to your gp and get better help. If its nightime and waking up that you need pain relief many of our members have tried amitriptyline- have you been offered or tried this before you went onto more powerful drugs?


Hi hun thanks for your help ive tried amitriptyline most anti depressants dont agree with me im on benzos and low dose os codeine weaning off I had a major car accident in may so im addicted to them im nearly off but I think I need gaba again it helped in the past

I only went off it cos my eye got sore and pain not sure if its gaba or not with my eye im on doxepin at night but that does not help too much with sleep and anxiety I find gaba does nut yes it makes me very drunk like thats cos I take other strong meds ive heard alot of good stories that gaba has helped people get off benzo and opioid and thats my next step so was hoping gaba will help ill take it tonight and see how I feel in the morning is it true you have to take it twice a day.....

Regards tracy .....but yes I will weigh up the options for sure thanks so much .....


Thats really what I was driving at Tracey- opoids and anti epileptic drugs (thats what gabapent and pregab are) dont get on very well together so you neeed a regime that keeps them apart. When I tried gabapent, they didnt help with pain and my face and neck looked like id been in a fire! I got the shakes for days too, since eplilepsy happens in the brain and opiates "switch off pain receptors in the brain" sometimes to 2 dont gel. so you need better advise on the times you use them. I now stick with tramadol (an opiate) with paracetamol 4 times a day and if my fibro gets out of hand (its only happened twice in 17 years) I go to A&E where they infuse some stronger analgesia and give me a steroid injection called kenalog into my bum muscle, that works all around my body, BUT kenalog does over time reduce bone density so its a toss up what to have..


Yeah I was on lyrica that was hell to get off im only on 2mg of codeine and paracetamol with my antidepressant I take my benzo apart from gaba mine is pain and anxiety and gaba does help but I dont want to go high like some people ive only restarted yesterday I will try my 100mg dose and see ifnit goes okay wn I wake up I was just so drunk feeling all day but I took 200mg by mistake so im hoping the 100mg goes okay


Thanks ive got alot to think about weather continue on gaba ive been on it before and was hell to get off thats why im taking it again my gp didnt taper me off so for 2 and a half weeks ive been in agony with withdrawals hence why I started again ill see how tonight goes I know what you mean im on alot of bad medicine benzo and codeine is worse thats why im hopibg gaba may help I know they use it in rehab

Thanks hun

You all have helped me alot cheers trace☺


Thanks everyone who helped me ill let you know how I get on tomorrow its too late to take it tonight nearly 10pm so ill see how my night goes and ajust tomorrow

Much love trace ☺


I can. I did the same thing and slept for days .went to gp .changed to 50mg for daytime.also diazipam with gabepentin enhances those drunk feelings .it took me a couple of weeks to tolerate. Meanwhile take the nighttime dose .of take mine about 2_4 hours before sleep.if your wondering why would I do this to my self? I felt the same but cramps got soo bad .

Good luck


Thanks mu gp is cutting me off cold turkey I just saw her she said its not the right drug for me and demanded that I just cut my 500mg I took over the weekend I took 100mg friday ....and 200mg sat and sunday ive been on it before and got off it in rehab but thought it may help me get off my valium and last dose of codeine 2mg

My last dose was last night and im having a panic attack feel like my chest is caving in ....I got off gaba for 14 days but silly me thought it might help my getting off other meds but then I have to get off gaba ....it costs so much here in Australia my heart is racing

I know it was only 500mg but thats alot to go cold turkey

Not sure what to do if to take 100mg or hold off and see how I go

Thanks for the advice

Might just pop a atiavan to calm me

Thanks any other advice please pep in

Cheers trace ☺


Oh can you just stop 500mg of gaba over 3 days cold turkey xx


Hi hun that will be fine I take 300mg twice a day and does help my pain,the dose you are on is small so should be fine to do as you've said tonight then get into your new routine again tomorrow xx


Help my gp is stopping my gabba its day 2 im in panic attack and and anxiety from stopping the 3 day doses is it possible to go off 500mg like she says after having it for 3 days ....I was off it for 2 weeks but I restarted over weekend but now my gp says im having too many side effects and just stop

Please help some one


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