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Havnt posted for a little while , and I will apologise now for the moan. Not ben feeling so great recently , was back at docs on Tuesday and they say all these aches and pains are just post surgery recovery , I feel so down about all this then to top it all this morning I was so sore when I got up, actually managed 4 hours in a row sleep mind you, and hubby says don't take this the wrong way but when you got up out of bed last night you were so sore and when you came back ten minutes later you got into bed no problem. This has made me feel so down as if he thinks I'm putting this on, I can't win , a few weeks ago he said he was fed up listening to me moaning so I've been keeping a lot of it to myself. Maybe I'm just being super sensitive , all these aches and pains, no sleep , my right arm feels weak and jerks a lot , there must be something else it can't just be post surgery. Sorry for moaning everyone but know I always get support here , love and hugs to you all xxx

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  • I don't know about it being post-surgery, it depends what the surgery was and how long ago you had it. Some surgery can take months to get over and you might feel achy/weak for a long time.

    As for your husband - perhaps he feels a bit frustrated, i.e. he feels he wants to help and doesn't know what to say/do? Although to be honest, his remarks haven't helped. Perhaps you should point this out.

    To be honest I feel most sore in the morning and then it eases off as the day goes on (I'm often limping for the first hour or so). But I'm exhausted by 5.00 pm.

    Take care and if you're still not happy, go back and see another GP.

  • Hi there , thank you, yeah I'm going to say to him tonight that he hurt me a bit with his comment , if I don't it will just keep going over in my mind. I had a tumour removed from my spine in January , it was non malignant thankfully, but just not getting back to myself at all, general chase and pains everywhere , and sore ones down my hip and leg, backache , insomnia, tired all the time. The list goes on. Thanks for taking time to reply xx

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling down. If it continues maybe you should go back to your GP - I've been making a bit of a nuisance of myself at the gp's recently but I think if you don't they think you must be ok. My physio told me to keep going back until they listened to me.

    You should tell your husband how you feel (mine was useless when I became ill! and there's nothing worse than being made to feel like you are making it up) but maybe he just doesn't know how to respond when you are not well.

    I hope you find some relief soon xxx

  • Thanks em jay, I know he probably didn't mean it in that context and it's just the way I'm feeling, it's just so horrible when you feel this low , take care, hugs to you xx

  • Mogi52, I know sometimes my hubby just doesn't know what to say, or quite how to say it ~ when he only wants me to feel better but can't make it happen. Perhaps yours IS frustrated, that's why he's being a bit "gruff" ... and he should know that he is hurting your feelings, especially now. I would tell him that you are having more pain and difficulties after the surgery, and need his help and understanding ...

    Take care ~ sending extra soft and gentle hugs your way ~ ~ ~

  • Thanks baffledkathy, I think it was the way I was feeling yesterday to and just took it to heart a bit , I said to him last night when he came through to bed and I got up for the toilet, I said just for the record it is much easier to get into bed than it is to get out of it . He didn't say much. He must be fed up with me though, it's been a long years for us , thank for your reply, hugs and love to you xxx

  • Just thinking of you, magi, and hoping you've progressed a bit in your recovery.

    Sending positive healing vibes, soft hugs ... and of course, loving thoughts, too!

  • sorry to hear youre feeling low.im the same right now.everyone says keep on at your dr to get answers something done but i dotn get anywhere and dont have any support.i get told im making to many appointments but noone gives me any answers and some of what ive had said to me is unprofessional.i would change doctors but there isnt another in town and whose to say another surgery will treat me any differently

  • On action for depression you have just posted that you have been removed from the doctors list???? I am really confused

  • Hi helen, sorry do you mean me, I havnt posted on action for depression , I'm not so good at this computer stuff , but havnt put anything about being removed from my doctors list , xx

  • Sorry no it was to chocolate addict x

  • Oh sorry lol, thank you xx

  • Hi there , thank you for replying, it's a horrible feeling , when you are low like this , I'm going to have to go back to doctors again and hope I get my own GP this time, I just want to feel like me again, love and hugs to you, hope you feel better soon xx

  • I wrote this when feeling at lowest/through tears .should have said not another one I want to go to.spoke with pm and she said it wasn't her decision.i asked if i could speak with my gp but she was on holiday and I said gp hasn't accepted what ive told her either-theres some things they haven't accepted or even acknowledged.suggested i write down on paper what I have to discuss with gp.i said ive done that here and its been chucked back in my face.its unfair to place all the blame on me.have contacted my MP to see if he will help.

  • Hi choc, hope you are feeling a bit better today, hugs to you xxx

  • Thank you mogi.especially as you have your own burdens.

  • You are very welcome, take care xx

  • Sending you a big lovely bunch on virtual flowers and a big (but gentle) hug.

    You are going through a really tough time at the moment, don't be too hard on yourself. You will start to feel better in time, anaesthetic takes it out of anyone, let alone someone with fibro!

    Doesn't sound like hubby is being mean on purpose, he was just thinking out loud! he also doesn't know that getting out of bed is much harder than falling into it!

    Stay strong xxxxxx

  • Thank you, I'm in tears here reading your reply, just having a bad day think, hugs to you xx

  • Hi Mogi52,

    Thinking of you xxxx

  • Thank you xx

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