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I feel like a big lazy mess!!

I'm quite new to this fibro thing. My doctor recently diagnosed me although I feel I have had it for years looking back at my health.

I have been on antidepressants for about 20 years and I'm currently on 375mg of venlafaxine. I went to see the psychiatrist (first time ever!) on Thursday and she thinks I should also take a different medication as well. She gave me a list and told me to look them up and decide which I would like to try. At the moment I'm plumping for Trazadone as it doesn't seem to make you put on weight.

I'm sick to death of feeling like this, like a big lazy slob!! all I want to do is sit around or sleep. Everything just feels like a huge effort and I've got a continuous dull headache. I'm full of self pity and hate myself.

I have had quite a lot of setbacks in my life but I always sprung up again, now I feel I don't have any spring or bounce left.

I feel like I am a burden on the rest of my family, my mum is in her 70's and she's had heart surgery twice and she has more go in her than me.

Sometimes I just feel is it all worth it.

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Hi im sue, i am so sorry you are feeling this way, its a shame we haveto speak on a computer , as i feel so many need a big hug, i feel just like yu , i was a get up and go person all ways on the move, now i dont feel like doing anything, i set my self jobs for the day, as i now i am not lazy and i am sure your not eather, if i get through those jobs i don t feel so bad , it is a challenge but it will make you feel a lot better, its not your fault you feel this way , so dont make your self feel any worse than you do, your find that if you can get through the chalanges you have set your self , like me it makes me wont to get through the next lot the day after, some times i cant , but i say well tomorrow i will and then i get through them the next day, i problem is that some days you may not beable to do anything as the day before you have manage to get your self through the jobs you have set your self, so having a days reast inbaween does not matter , all the best suexx


I feel the same, I sit and look at all the dust and dirty carpets and know I can't do alot about it , the pain is too bad. So i've had to resign myself to not having a spick and span home anymore. I sit and sleep lots. You aren't alone hun and i'm sure that you will get loads of support here. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I used to spring back from things and was really strong until I had a breakdown. Now I rely on my anti depressents. ((((gentle hugs))) for you xx


i also feel really fat and lazy and very heavy i know with me this damp weather is playing a big part, i ache in parts i didnt know i had. My sleep pattern is all over the place and my bladder is working overtime every hour through the day and every two hours all through the night im constantly exhausted. I have my 78yr old mother constantly making demands on my time and my 26yr old son in hospital having another psychotic episode so I feel like running away at the moment. sorry for the rant but I live alone and sometimes I wish someone would look after me and realize just how painful fm is. send some hugs my way. please xx CHRISTINE


I'm feeling exactly the same myself. I've been to hell and back so many times before diagnosis - I fought back each and everyday - until one day - not long after being diagnosed 7 years ago - I realized I was just existing and not living - I'm trying hard to reverse that though but with the Fibro kicking up something new and putting obstacles in my way once more - yet again I am thinking of quitting this "living" I'm supposed to be doing. If not for my Daughter and Grandson and So-In-Law - I'd quite happily have put myself out of misery - I still think of it every day - but with that little family in my thoughts too? Everything is on hold - Literally!

Gentle hugs and love to all,

Carol xx


I really really hope the new meds will help. Please try to look for the good in yourself and others and forgive me for sounding trite. Mark the pleasures in each day - whether it's a new aromatherapy soap or a glint of sunshine on a blackbird's wing. Ask small things of yourself, rather than berating yourself for failing at big things, and only associate with people who enhance your day. Allow all the love and support form the community here to warm you.


I feel exactly the same. It's awful and depressing. You are not on your own in how you feel. I feel I am a lazy slob aswell. Xxx


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