I havent gone yet so I thought i WOULD DROP A LINE to you all -- MORNING well

I hope it will be sunny we certainly need some here on the borders of scotland. I have just had quite a traumatic weekend. To explain My daughter son in law and baby arrived at short notice for the weekend . Thats wonderful the reason was sad. She had decided she could no longer keep her labradoodle as there was no room for her and my daughter suffering with CFS cannot walk her. Some days she cannot do anything! I gave her the puppy 9 years ago as a dog to defender and keep her company in Coventry and bless her she has done that with gusto. A really lovely dog and I shall miss her. She went to a dog refuge not so far from here where she will be loved until she is rehomed. I am afraid I cried buckets silly old me!!

So today I am on preparation for sailing/boating ho;iday so I need to see if I have any trousers to start with 3 pairs should do it :)

I have another problem though my daughter is loosing her memory as in she doesnt remember what happened yesterday she is of to see a specialist this is the last thing she needs :(

Bye fir now xgins

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  • Oh dear Gins it takes a lot to get you down so everything must be pretty bad .... I have my fingers crossed for your daughter and I hope you enjoy your boating holiday ... Forget the trousers ... You need life jacket , a whistle, distress flares..( not 70's style trousers) are you navigating ... Will alert Greenland ... That's probably where you will end up...

    Have fun and I hope everything turns out well

    VG x

  • I hope you will have better news of your daughter soon, gins! Have a good holiday, and don't forget your bucket - which is an essential piece of sailing equipment!

    Moffy x

  • Moffy they have a toilet on board..... Sighs....

  • apparently we have two :)

  • Ah yes - but I know from grievous personal experience that sea-toilets often break down in mid-voyage, and 'tis a desperate situation indeed!

    A clean bucket containing 3 inches of seawater can be a life saver!

    Moffy x

  • Do we have any clean seawater round our coasts????

  • Probably not. :( It's only the bucket that needs to be clean!

  • moffy I dont think I can carry anything else I suppose OH could wear it on his head! :) xgins

  • Hi Gins

    Have a great holiday and with regard the bucket on his head you could say he is one of the bucketeers (sad pun on the buccaneers)

    Take care and kindest regards


  • Cheers Terry I think we are going to b the three muskateers xgins

  • ahoy there gins! enjoy your holiday and don't forget the sun-screen - even a weak sun can burn when reflected off water.

    sandra 8-)

  • Thanks for that I will take care :) xgins

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