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Tired of feeling like a nobody

After failing at my ESA tribunal I decided to go down to the job centre to ask what happens next and more precisely, what do I do about getting no money. The woman on the so called reception was obnoxious!! She looked me up and down, informed me that there are no advisors in the job centres any more and I'd have to go online to apply for JSA or ESA. Everything she said could be heard by all and sundry. I knew already about applying online, but just needed to talk to someone and be helped. Why is it too much to ask ? I still don't know whether I should apply for JSA as I will have to sign a contract to say I'm fit for work when I know I'm not. Just the thought of going to interviews and on courses starts me panicking. What really got me mad was that she took great delight in telling me that loads of people with disabilities get jobs - I just got the feeling that she didn't think there was anything wrong with me and that all disabilities are visible. Her job is pretty cushy, perhaps she'd like to give me that for a few hours a day,providing of course I could have loads of time off in between. I know I'm ranting a bit, but I'm now so down. I'm sick of being treated like I've just crawled out from under a stone or the dirt on somebody's shoe. I just want to deal with human beings for a change who treat me with a little respect. I've really had enough of it all.

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Hi Deefer sorry you are so down. You must never let the world make you feel like a nobody every one is special and each a very special individual - remember the person you spoke to may have had a very small brain and little knowledge of Fibro . Now think about what was said again do you need to ring back and speak to her superior after all she was there to help not to take sides and issue you with ridiculous impertinent comments. Now I am off I feel very strongly that we all fibromites are entitled to be treated like worthwhile intelligent humans who are unfortunate enough to suffer with this ghastly illness xgins


politeness costs nothing and she ddn't give you much of a "reception" did she?

you have every right to expect to be treated with respect. do you want to report her?

I suggest you call and ask for an app't with a welfare rights advisor and maybe the C.A.B. too.

don't let her upset you, she's just an ignorant nobody, you are worth ten of her.



Hi Deefer,I am very saddened to hear how this person treated you,she had no right whatsoever to speak to you in such a way,I would report her behaviour and misconduct,she sounds like a typical jobsworth! She isn't worth your time or energy! I am disgusted by the current shambolic mess of the benefits system towards genuinely disabled and poorly people, I is so important for you to concentrate on building your self esteem do you see your doctor regularly and are you on adequate medication,perhaps social services could help you,sorry I can't offer any practical help just want you to know that you are not a nobody,you are a woman with feelings that are as important and valid as anybody elses, I hope you get your financial situation sorted soon,I hope you have support around you and please try and take time to do things that make you feel happy however big or small these things maybe, keep smiling sending squishy hugs your way to brighten your day Love Della xxx


Hugs Deefer. Someone ought to tell her that life isn't written in stone and one day SHE might be on the receiving end of someone who is equally "Polite" and "Compassionate" as herself. Meanwhile try not to waste your energy worrying about her. You deserve better.

Gentle hugs



Just had a thought Deefer. My dad had a way of dealing with people like that woman. He would thank them in an equally loud voice but with a gentle tone, for their politeness and help . Then stand and watch them blush bright red. I don't know how he did it but he never failed to make them look embarrassed.

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I think you should report that obnoxious person Deefer. I did when a similar thing happened to me, and I received a written apology.

Basically she's just a rubbishy desk-occupier, and not worth the air she breathes if she has no respect for fellow human beings. I would even go so far as to contact the press and make a story out of it - it would be so good to see her squirm!

Moffy x



Please feel free to give me a call and I will try my hardest to help you if I can...


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim

0800 043 1781

My Benefit Claim operates on a referral basis. If you are happy with our response to you or the speed we have replied to you, we ask you to please tell your friends and family about us. Also, if you are a member of any forums to please give us a 'shout out' and how we have helped you on the forum. Thank you.


Chin up hun.I really think it's so cruel that people are ill,in pain,and having to put up with shite,it's disgraceful.xx


Thank you all for your kind comments, they really have made me feel better. My problem is that I've started to question myself, whether I'm really disabled enough to claim benefits, whether I could work etc etc. Deep down I know that I can't work - I've tried it - but then I see someone really obviously badly disabled and start to feel guilty for trying to get benefits when I'm not as bad as them. But maybe that's what this government wants, to make us feel so guilty we give up. I worked for many years and didn't ask for this condition, but oh how I wish that all these people could sample a little bit of our day to day lives and then things might change. Sending out hugs to you all xx


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