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gallstones update

Well I was just beginning to think that my urgent referal to the hospital was taking its time when I got a call this afternnon with an appointment,

It is for Wednesday 9th, yes this wednesday at 9am I think I will have to get up at 5-6 just so I am ready lol

I do hope that they say yes to the op this pain is getting too much to handle ontop of fibro pain and be nice to be able to eat something else apart from rice.

So keep your fingers crossed for me that the say yes

gentle hugs

Penny xxx

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Thats really good news for you, will you get a taxi to the Hospital ??

Hugs x x x


Hi sue

No I wont get a taxi xxx


that geat news hope they do it too you will really have to push for it love diddle x


Hey , that's great news. Got everything crossed hun. Here's hoping it's a big fat YES.

know that feeling of getting fed up of rice, lol. Think of your first yummy meal,after your op.

Chat over the weekend hun, so pleased for you

Big hugs Lou c


Thank you for your comments

Oh I will push for it diddle this pain is awful

Thank you Lou yeah rice is getting boring lol might be good for the waist line tho haha xxx


Lots of sympathy for you. I had my gall bladder removed in this 1994 after numerous attacks of pancreatitas (bad spelling) it made such an enormous difference. Hope you get your op and are soon feeling a bit better xxx


Thank you, I do hope so too xx


thinking of you and sending all my love to you for wednesday :) <3 you will be fine


Best of luck. Getting rid of my gallbladder was one of the best things I ever did.

After the op, my backache decreased by about 50% and I made an amazingly swift recovery.

I hope you do too :)


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