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Ok so i am homealone lol my daughter cam n from work got changed and went to her mates house as they have 2 ducks being delivered at 6 and were going to bath them and settle them in their new home !!!!! (yes i have typed it right bath them ??)

my partner called me a while ago as he is going to a car auction at norwich so he may pop in at 9pm depend what time it finishes so it just me and the doggy sitting here (bliss)

just had a bath and sitting here with my back massager on and my heat on full on the massage pad its lovely

i just wish i was well then i would be in perfect heaven but there you go these are the cards i have been dealt so gotta get on with it love to you all diddle xxxx

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my two are home ,, jprdan the emo is typing his angst ridden messages to his groupies jus is watching csi which leaves me down hee with the cats and chocolate lol have apain free night hun xxx


Sounds like heaven to me, peace and quiet. Not much chance of that in my house. I'm loving the ducks and the bath thing...sounds like great fun

Jax xxx


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