Not alone :)

Thankfully someone posted about relationship issues and the trouble fog causes, i have hypothyroid, fibro, IBS,Migraines, rls and a sleep disorder P.L.M.D too so most days now i can hardley decide to have a cuppa or not let alone major stuff, i can pace myself but need to rest but recently my O/H totally stunned me by saying maybe u just THINK u need to as u have read it online....this from the man who self diagnosed coeliac diease in 5 mins online!!!, and after all the tests and gps advice he has IBS and anxiety. anyway ill stop rambling my point is ive felt so depressed and like im from another planet lately i wanted to say xxxxxxTHANKS xxxxxxx to you all cos i feel better no matter which forum i need on here, you are all amazing xxx

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  • Aw :) Thankyou for such lovely words :)

    I am pleased that as a community we have helped you :)

    Being positive is something which helps us move through the mud the illnesses give us to walk about in and the laughter!?! well it is excellent medicine and fantastic for the soul :D

    Wishing you wellness and I look forward to seeing you around and remember..............

    .................. there's always someone around the corner who maybe able to help or offer a hug for support.

    Fluffies and smiles for you :)

    xxx sian :)

  • thanks very much sian, i totally agree, positivity & laughter are always helpful, we just have to keep on keeping on :) gentle hugs to you too xx

  • You have my sympathy and lots of gentle hugs. It's not easy running a relationship when one or both suffer in mind or body. As Zeb says, there's usually someone "on duty". There's a night shift of insomniacs too. Good luck. :)

  • Thanks and the same to you xx

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and I genuinely hope that things pick up for you soon.

    Good luck


  • I'm sorrybto hear about your struggles. I'm going through the same my self so you're not alone.

    My husband of 23years told me today that he's fed up with Mme and my illness. I'm so shocked and hurt because some days he's so kind and helpful.I guess he's tired of me not being able to go out like I used too before. I'm still working full time not that I want to with all this pain.but I need the income. I'm hoping he will understand the illness and tmj pain dontbhelp any either not being able to visit with our grandchildren upsets him so much and I feel terrible but I'm in so much pain when my flare up begins .

    Oh well enough about me ..i hope things will be much better for you soon. Wishing you have the best day you can possibly have and warm hugs.

    Like you I'm so thankful for the forum .


  • wow, how similar our paths are i really feel for you, we had a chat and although im sure he will necer truely get the pain etc he is trying to adjust. as with livung with chronic illness its just 1 day at a time and hope for the best. I too am amazed at how the form helps, just knowing "someone gets it " is truely amazing, best wishes and hugs, hope and light to you too xx

  • this god dam illness is certainly puttting a big strain on my marriage of 27yrs im feeling so ill and low i dont really care if he stays or goes he has little or no understanding and has began to have a short fuse with me i cant do right from wrong i get no extra help from him or my 17yr old feeling sooo down right now sorry to moan i feel so lonely : i have me/fibro,ibs,arthitis in knees,hypermobility,kidney stone,degeneration of spine,depression,quireyendometreosis but to name but a few thankyou for reading and you take care joannex

  • Joed i appreciate the reply and really hear the struggle you must be having, as everyone has made me relise on here, we are such we can only concentrate on that, its awful to acept someone you would or have done anything for , now cant help you as u need but we can reach others who "get it" ...ive found being able to just get that thoughts or feelings out online helps me heaps, thank you for replying and take care and best wishes xx

  • Lots of empathy...Fibro is so hard to understand. Impossible to convey how we feel physically. I often think it is the whole family who need to be educated ref. the illness.

    Perhaps there IS an organisation which does this, some sort of 'family counselling' situation ?

  • your totally right on the education thing but in my experiance so far people just dont wanna learn or can't....sometimes when someone moans about the flu i say thats how i feel everyday they just glaze over or assume i too will "get over it" (sigh) ive also offerd people info sheets , books etc theres just no i tried asking a few if they can understand or will try they spoons experiment with me, nope the standard reply is, " i know and get how ill you are" and they really believe they do....Is this just my experaince i wonder???

    Thanks for the reply, best wishes xx

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