Bubbles and air jets and PAIN RELIEF

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know, that after finding a bubble massager for my bath, I am now able to have an almost pain free half hour. I bought it online for £49 from a gadget place called gizoo and it has provided me with many lovely baths and quite a few giggles thus far.

I had researched into affording an outdoor spa, but realise the running costs in winter would be prohibitive, looked at changing my bath to a spa bath (also quite expensive) and also at membership for a spa (£80 per month here!). I had discovered that other than deep meditation, a bubble spa is the only thing that interrupts the pain signal that my brain permanently recieves which is like bee stings and snow burn over most of my body. I read some reviews and decided to risk the £49 as it was on offer from just under £90. I can say it gives a really powerfull massage and it helps me as much as the manual massages I used to afford at £30 a go! It lays in the bottom of the bath and has an electrical motor on a long lead so there is no danger of getting the electrics wet. It has a remote control you stick on the bath. IT IS A GODSEND.

If there are any moderators reading this, I am passing this information on as this product took me ages to find, and has really been a help to me. I DO NOT have any affiliation to the company who makes it, or to gizoo who sell it, so please do not block this information as some of the fibromites may get pain relief from it like I do.

I am lucky enough to be able to get in and out of the bath today..... so off I go to bathroom gadget city for some pain relief as fingers now quite soar!

ttfn hope info usefull :) NN

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  • I have a jacuzzi bath it's wonderful the jets hit the spots perfectly I take a book and scented candles and have a great soak , I usually have to have a shower as my OH works but when he's here to help me in I make the most of it... Glad you found this product and it helps

    VG x

  • Hi VG

    Yes, its a wonder, and as I am living somewhere if I spend out, I cant recoup funds as its not just my place, it meant keeping money in bank and still having pain relief. Its brilliant :) Long live a lil pain relief!

    x NN

  • Hi yes I use the spa in the next town to us I can just manage to get in the jacusi it really does help. I cannot get in a bath at all so that was my option x


  • yes bath is difficult but when I can, its easier than trying to drive out. Glad youve found good local spa :) NN

  • Thank you NN for posting about this gadget, I am sure many of us here will be interested in reading about it. Your post is absolutely fine, the only time we have to step in is when a link is used as this could be seen as promotion. There is no problem at all with your very useful post, many thanks, :)

    I am so pleased you have found such a useful and beneficial product. :)


  • Thanks L was worried someone may think im selling them lol :) and yes sounds like quite a few folk are interested or have found it helps them x :) NN

  • I have one of these and shall be trying it out tonight...x

  • Happy bubbles........ I got the bubble amount wrong first time round and had a 4ft plus mountain of foam but no harm done just giggles which are also good for us! :) NN

  • sounds wonderful , wish i could get in and out of the bath xx

  • I know its difficult, my friend in village has a walk in jet bath which you dont lay but sit in but it was very expensive and i couldnt afford it. Try local spa if you can get mobile enough or hydrotherapy centre as they can assist but all are more expensive than mat option. I also say a raiser seat which pumps you in and out of bath, maybe worth investigating but not sure if you could use it with bubble mat.

    :) NN

  • I used to have one of these, and gave it to my sister when we installed a whirlpool bath. As far as I know it's still going strong after about 8 - 9 years! The bath we have now is great, and has more jets at sides / end of bath rather than all in the bottom, but I wouldn't bother again. I'd go back to my portable one. It did a great job, at a fraction of the cost. And it's easier to clean than the jets on the bath, which require cleaning whether you use it or not, and you are very limited as to what products like bath salts of foam bath you can use. But definitely, if you like a warm soak, and a massage, I'd recommend getting one of these. You can buy them in lots of different places.



  • Fab Kaz, Its worth the money I think and even if it lasts a year, I would buy one again :) Happy bubbles NN

  • I bought a special machine that makes the bath into a jacuzzi , it lasted for a few years than broke down, It was very expensive, I. would'nt mind a cheaper one though.

  • Hi J

    Mine was only £49 from web supplier called gizoo. It was on offer just before xmas but may not have gone up again, and I can recommend it. Its the best money ive invested in ages. Have a look and treat yourself :) NN

  • Hi - Thanks for posting NN! Your post led me to research the item for the past 2hrs! I am intrigued and excited! I just love showers, mainly for the pulsating hot water over my joints/body but I must say that with this, I'd be most happy to sit in a bath. Must remember to do so when hubby's home tho *chuckling". I'm sold & ready to purchase! *smiles*

  • Hi

    Yes if you can, then do it! reading this posts replies its been good for an awfull lot of us for pain relief and relaxation. So glad you found it and good luck with the bubbles ;) NN

  • I'm lucky enough to have a hot tub in our back garden and it is great. There are days when I struggle a bit to get in but it's so worth it. The running costs in winter aren't too bad as we have a hard lid & with advice from the guy that installed it we filled the cavity with loft insulation. I was only able to afford this after a small inheritance from my grandmother who I cared for. When we got it it was a luxury item since then I've developed fibro and now see it as an essential

  • Thats fab!

    Yes its deemed a luxury but not so for us as its sometimes the only pain lowered part of the day. One day when Im not in this situation I will spend whats left after solicitors bills on a garden one, but that may be some years down the line. I am so affraid of rising energy costs I spent out on solar energy and that just left enough for solicitors to fight dla tribunal results. The solar energy savings should have been there to help pay the spa costs but as yet cant evaluate whether it will. I think I may be gone before I see enough return! One day I will just do it and order one rather than penny pinching and saving the planet!

    Its good to hear that so many of us find bubbles a usefull pain reliever ;)

    NN :)

  • that's me saving my pennies - I want one!

  • Go for it...... its still doing me some good, and I simply never get tired of the laughs that the original bubble mountain pictures my son took give. Hope you get one soon x NN

  • nothing gives me the pain relief like a soak in my jacuzzi.

    i've written here before about having a jacuzzi bath installed when i did my flat renovation. it doesn't have all the bells and whistles -- 'just' 6 jets i think, but it works a treat.

    unfortunately i've had to rent out that room (with my amazing bathtub!!) as needs must. i'm in the single with the shower only. however, it's not forever and i look forward to getting my bath back ... eventually.

    my point being... hot tub / jacuzzi / spa bath/ whatever it's called -- they really work for my fibro pain. and of course it's relaxing to help with sleep issues as well.

    i give this therapy 5 out 5 stars :)


  • I hope you get it back soon, it really does seem hard to have bought one and then not be able to use it, Im hoping you dont need lodgers for long and sending bright thoughts :) NNx

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