Finally a new home offer

As some of you may know I have been fighting my local housing to be moved from my unsuitable flat for over a year now and yesterday I had a call from housing offering me a choice of 2 bungalows trouble is you have to pick before you even view them but I asked about parking and one of them is a nightmare area for parking which I had already guessed anyway although it would have been nearer to my daughter and parents but I don't want to have to worry every time I go out that I won't be able to park near my home.

Currently someone is living in the bungalow but is moving into housing association as soon as she has moved I can go view it and hopefully will move very quickly then because the thought of being in my flat much longer is unbearable I am currently staying In a friends house who is away in Australia until the 25th so it has been nice to be out of my place except for I have had 2 falls hurting my knees and my already bad left hand.

I am just so thrilled to have finally been offered a bungalow where there will be no one above me and I will have my own little garden to sit in and may even be able to have my dog back for company. Since living in my current flat I have been disturbed every night by people above and a German shepherd dog as there is no soundproofing at all. I know where the tenants are all the time and the latest thing was they have moved their lounge above my bedroom and start playing ball with the dog at 10 -2 at night. Also I have been unable to have a bath but the bungalow has a wet room so I will be able to have a proper wash everyday. Only thing I am worried about is not liking it not because of decor or anything as I know I can change that but the size of the rooms for my furniture as my flat is a reasonable size if it is like the bungalow I tried to do an exchange with but was turned down due to my age I will be over the moon as that was a really good size and cozy. I haven't even put any pictures or stuff on the walls where I am so that is the other thing I will be able to put up my cross stitch and other Nic nacks. Anyone would think I was excited lol.

Sorry to waffle on so much

Have a good day all


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  • So pleased for you ,😊 I

    My GP is taking on local council for me as I am in housing association house , and need bungalow , I live at top of a hill and can't get out easily unless I take my car , but I have no real quality of life nice house , but young family estate , children playing and fighting during day , which is nice I know , but I need a loo on same level you know what I mean , etc but they have said the bungalows are for elderly, I have full pip mobilit and care , what more should be said. 😞

  • Hi Shadows walker,

    The bungalows here are for 60+ and I have spent the last year fighting them on this as I haven't planned on being disabled at 53 well I was a lot younger when I got this. I contacted my local MP (didn't really help that much) but it was a letter sent to them. Get an OT report mine is through care direct which was within the council. Get Drs letters. I didn't want another flat as the noise in this one was enough with no sound proofing at all. Another option is go on local housing exchange because I only had 1 bed flat most people were looking for a 2/3 bed place bungalow you might stand more chance so worth registering with mutual exchange as there maybe someone looking for what you have. Just keep fighting. I am socially isolated where my flat is and there is a lot of crime so I spent a lot of time afraid as well. The problem is they may say a ground floor flat is adequate but if it's not what you want try and stick to your guns. It has taken me a year and it has been tough. Make it clear you need ground floor facilities my flat obviously being ground floor had the toilet etc but no handles etc to get in and out of bath which meant all I could do was have a wash as I fell and broke my arm in the bathroom so was always worried. It is worth contacting MPs and CAB I believe can sometimes help. To me allowing bungalows just for elderly is discriminatory for disabilities and ageism even my knee consultant said that. I just kept bidding on bungalows I was told I could bid on them but that I would have a long wait. If you have a support worker they can help as well as mine pointed out some ground floor flats even have steps to go in.

    Good luck and don't give in I would definitely check mutual exchange you might be lucky there. I had nothing to bargain with.

    Take care



  • Hi Jackie I am 54 this weekend and like you , I did not plan on getting unwell , my thing here is that , they allow rich farmers retiring from family businesses to have them and then selling there private homes for £400,000 a time around here.

    I am waiting to see how GP gets on I see him next week !

    I let you know how I get on.

    I agree it is discrimination on age ,but I am so please for you.


    Chris xx

  • I think it is disgusting that people with money who can afford to buy a bungalow should be given housing. I don't know if you have seen other posts of mine but my best friend and hubby sold there house earlier this year and made over £100,000 profit they have hidden half the money or so much of it and spent money on things like 65" tv a Bose sound system and an awful lot more in fact everything in the house is new there is a log cabin which is 5m x5m in the garden which he built and you could literally live in it as it is so well kitted out but as my friends craft room but there is a bed settee. In there and large dining table which would sit 8 people. Now they are getting housing benefit even though they have money hidden and he is getting PIP at highest rate for both there son is getting caters allowance for his dad the mum is on dla highest rate mobility and lowest care but neither of them use sticks or anything unless they are going to drs or hospital appt. when he said to me he was a spastic and he had just built this log cabin along with wallpapering and decorating every room in the house even though it was newly painted when they moved in it upset me and infuriated me as I am restricted with my hands, hips and knees and it frustrates me I can't do things for myself. They are now Gold high/medical on housing and are up for a 3 bed house last week they came in at 11-20 so it won't be long before they get somewhere. Currently they are in Australia for 5 weeks due back on 25th January. I see people on here who deserve and need the money then I have this and it's not that I'm jealous because that's not it it is the principle of it it's a fiddle and it's being done deliberately.

    So Chris you have to keep on at housing and everyone you possible can the reason I was given that I couldn't have a bungalow is that they don't want them sold! I don't want to buy it I just want somewhere I can be happy and have some peace and not be scared every night. Or disturbed all night long as I don't sleep well anyway so with the dog banging on the ceiling if you are drifting off it really makes you jump.

    Good luck and never give in keep fighting keep on at housing.

    Take care



  • I you keep well my friend , I am so glad you have what you need and maybe can have a decent quality of life ,


    Chris xx

  • Bungalows are normally for 60+ , but due to physical or medical reasons they should be for anyone. Me and my Husband are both 52, 51 when we moved into our Bungalow. You need to get OH,GP, Hospital,Social Worker etc behind you . Good luck.


  • Thanks fingers crossed x

  • Hi my hubby an I have been on the list from 2007 he is totally housebound with progressive ms . Long story 5 years ago he fell severed main artery an almost bleed to death ... Still no bungalow so we took the case to the best human rights solictor an have just been recently told we will be getting a bungalow built to suit his needs . They hope to commence build in March 😊 Far to long tho so many years wasted. Keep fighting

  • Will do , thanks 😊

  • Hey shadow, your Doctor should be able to get you moved on medical grounds. But she or he must state you cannot use stairs, along with all the other they will state. we got moved into our Bungalow this way. Xx I hope you get a bung soon.x

  • Thank you x seeing him again next week so will see how he's got on ,

    Glad you got the help you needed x

  • So pleased for You Jackie, you will find it so much easier being in a bungalow. I certainly have! We were in a second floor flat with no lift, we were on the medical transfer list for 2 half years waiting to move. We have been here in our little bungalow just over a year, No more stairs!! bliss.

    My husband had broke his back twice, and I have fibro, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Asthma, Sjogrens, we still had a long wait, but worth it in the end.

    I hope you can move soon and make sure you get lots of help to move etc. all the best. X


  • Just read your reply above Jackie. Yes Shadow-walker, try and get you Occ Health involved, they will assess your living accommodation and send a report to the Council. Ask your Gp to write to them as well stating how where you are living is affecting you, mentally, physically, emotionally. Try your MP though mine couldn't help at all! He couldn't help in matters of housing...... The name of my Local MP??? David Cameron.

    Also reports from your GP, Hospital etc. Also I was told to keep on to your council regularly, pestering really, they get fed up of you doing so.

  • Thanks for advice 😊

  • Thank you Rie

    I hope I can get some help I used to be able to do all moving myself but now I can't lift stuff like I used to and hips knees and back give me lots of problems just hope this is the start of something good especially as it's just into the new year.

    Take care


  • Fingers crossed for you. x

  • Wonderful news I bet you can't wait. I hope it is exactly what you want. I think you have chosen wisely as it is such a relief when you are I'll just to be able to park outside. You will not e such a difference if you can have even a small garden of your own to sit in asI think it feeds the soul. Keep us updatedx

  • That is great news!!! So happy for you!! I just know it will be a relief for you!!! Congratulations !!!

  • Jackie!!!! And about time too!!! You know we come under the same Council, & in 2008 when we were in the same position ie. choice between 2, we had photos and the road, but no number. we tracked them down from that. So glad we did! Other one would have been a nightmare! So happy for you! Dawn :) XX

  • Thank you Dawn I looked on Google to see where one in Winton would be and also asked about parking he said that one would be a nightmare and looking at it it would because I would have to park in front of houses which obviously they would also need parking so would be a first come first served thing then there is like a little sort of alleyway that leads to the bungalows as they are set I between houses but a little further back so it would be a walk to the bungalow. Driven by the other one parking still not great as it doesn't seem to be on a road as such but depending which end it is there is parking on the road and we went at night so that would probably be the busiest time when people are home. I just want to move now lol ASAP have another week at my friends then back to the flat but at least I know it is only temporary for me to be there so that should help. Thank you for your support once I am settled and feeling happier I will definitely try and get round to see you. I have almost become a recluse in the last year hardly leaving the flat and just staying in the bedroom shutting myself off. Just trying to cope one day at a time with everything. I am hoping this will be a fresh start for me and I will be able to get my brain into a better place. I will even be able to have a wash as there is a wet room. My OT told me to go to the local swimming baths or Salvation Army for a shower she had know idea on the impact my mental and physical health has on even the thought of doing that. I have fallen twice in the last week what would I have done if I had fallen there! Hope you are feeling better than you were as I know you were pretty poorly over Christmas and new year and had a few battles. Take care


  • I'm just so glad you're getting away from those awful neighbours and into something more suitable for your needs! It will be stressful moving but I do think you will feel so much better after. :) xx

  • Really happy for you, especially if you can have a little dog too.

    If the bungalow suits you but you don't think you can fit your furniture in, don't close your mind to it. It will be far easier to get a new/secondhand sofa or whatever than to go through this again!

  • That is very true I know I will take it as I cannot stand the thought of staying where I am a minute longer than necessary I actually don't have that much furniture. The chair the OT gave me as much as I appreciate the height of it the comfort is nil I couldn't sit on it for 10 minutes without being in agony with my hips and it looks like a commode in fact a friend thought that was what it was lol. I just feel excited to finally be getting something sorted after fighting for what seems like forever and for constantly being given conflicting information and being scared in my own home. Lots of burglaries and attacks in the area I am living in right now. Armed police, fire brigades I have never seen so much going on. Then my front door was tried and someone had been at the front window. I became a prisoner in my own place afraid to go out.

  • I genuinely delighted for you and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your new home.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Wonderful news! Hope you get moved very soon and enjoy your bungalow.

  • Good luck Jackie I hope it all works out for you.xx

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