lower rib pain

this question may have been asked numerous times before but....i know when i am due a flare up because my lower ribs (all the way around to the spine) feel as if they are contracting and being squeezed - so that it is hard to take a breath and the ache is draining. I am just curious because we seem to have similar symptoms sometimes and quite different other times

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  • hi jules maybe thats wot ive got i always feel like my chest is tight n i want to take my bra off ove had to get sone looser fitting bras n my ribs ache all around .x soft hugs to u Tofty x

  • Hello there,I have this problem to and it is very difficult to cope with.Warmth does help I have a masage seat that helps alot especially when I get up on the morning and i am very stiff.Out of all the different systems we all experince this one reaccurrs more often.

  • that explains why I have problems with my bras. It helped when I took the wiring out but find the sports bras much more comfortable. i feel quite dizzy with it today though which is unusual and 'vacant' not quite here on this planet and soooo tired. but house needs a clean and a pile of washing to do so I had better get going

  • hi yes i have that too it is awful ther is a name for it (duh !!! the people have blogged you already ) sorry anyway i am same love to you diddle x

  • I have this problem too Wales, mine is made worse as I suffer with Lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment and have a lot of fluid build up too. I woke up with that woolly kind of feeling this morning but it has got a bit better throughout the day. Maybe have a chat to your GP and they can give you something to help with the pain and discomfort. Much love, Angela xx

  • Yes, mine hurt all the time.

    Nothing takes this pain away for me. Mine is all the rib area front and back. It hurts when i breathe and when it flares really bad it makes me sick as the pain is horrendous. My gp does nothing to help as she said as i cant take ibruprofen theres nothing else will work. :(

    Sorry i couldnt help you,

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • sorry to hear about your pain but good to hear im not alone. The doctors all looked at me as if i was making it up. Some said it was caused by a back injury others that it was digestive but no answers in treating it. I haven't been able to wear a bra or anything that is close fitting for ages. Just wondering what I can wear really as the DWP say I (we) are fit to work. Anyone know of a mattress testers job going spare?

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