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Does anybody have constant rib pain that just doesnt go away but plays up even worse every now and the?

I cant seem to get any relief from them at all, no meds are working.

Does anybody know what i can take?

I was tossing and turning constantly as it hurt all through the night.

(Sorry boys lol) but my bra is really hurting them.

kel xxx

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I got this too, I thought at firsr its because Im a 40DD or its my bra not fitting right but it hurts just under my riba like a tight band


i always thought it could of been my bra but it just isnt, it hurts when i havent got it on.

Its exactly like a tight band.

kel xxx


I've got pain round the back, just where my bra line is and it hurts most of the time but is worse at times. I was really worried for a while cos I wondered what was wrong but I decided it was probably the fibro. Actually, we should probably see our doctors about things sometimes, just in case it's not fibro.

Hope someone can help us with what to take. xxx


I keep mentioning it to all my doctors and specialist but they just dont have any answers for me.

I am stumped at this so hopefully someone can help me.

I cannot take ibruprofen though because of my asthma.

Its a weird one.

thankyou kel xxx


Thanx jules,

I have questioned costo and even the ms hug when i thought i had that.

I am gonna have to get some wheat bags where do you get them from?

kel xxx


hi jazher i also get pain on the rib cage i find a hot bath before bed helps ease it and wheat bags like jules58. I also invested in an electric blanket. Im alergic to most pain killers including paracetamol and ibuprofen so ive been having a ruff time of it myself. keep your chin up x


Thanx magscarborough,

I cant take ibruprofen, i have cocodamol but nothing is touching it at the min.

I cant get in a bath, havent been able to for 2 years. I have showers but i know its not the same.

Hope you pick up soon,

kel xxx


Hi there i suffer with this too mildly now as i took advice from a surgeon i know and he told me when my muscles are playing up around my ribs and lungs it inflames the nerves around your ribs and he injected my 7th rib with steriod and saline so now it just plays up when fibro plays up around that area hope this helpsxx

i was taken into hospital before hand and they were gonna take out my gaulbladder but on a scan there was nothing wrong with it so they left it but it did baffle a lot of drs at first because they had never come across it before!!

Good luck hun hugs to you xx


Hi Swannie,

Its good to know i am not the only one, but sad you get it too as it really hurts.

Its on my list for me going back to the gp, she really needs to do something this time.

Thankyou very much hugs to you too, gentle ones that is lol.

kel xxx


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