Lower back pain ,oversleeping


Could anyone help me please. About last 6-8 weeks I have been suffering with lower back pain. Early weeks I thought it was mechanical kind of pain that left foot mouvements was hurting and I also have pain at the back on the waistline with a triangular shape coming down to coxsy area. Mouvement pain later on also happened on the right leg as well. I feel pain on the sides and going down to my upper legs intermittently from the sides, front or back of the legs. I try to do stretches to help the pain and hot bottle and sometimes hot and cold. Also I noticed I started to sleep 10-11-12 hours a night waking up with sore lower back and also soreness rising from my ankles up to my legs. This soreness is like hot, burning pain. I once (twice only) went to see a phisyotherapist whom basicaly offered me acupuncture and advised me to go and see Dr for a pain killer. As it is now, lower back pain is strong and all the time there and doesn't like me to sit down and especially getting up is painful and I start walking like a duck. I am sore all the time, I sleep 11-12 hrs wake up feeling not ready to get up, with pain in my lower back and rising pain from my ankles to legs and generally head is not clear which is not like a headache but like head full of ashes(!) I am constipated most of the time and this has been going on about couple of years.

I now started to think would there be other reasons for all this maybe more internal ie. ovaries, adrenal etc. Anyone had similar experiences and any advices please.

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  • I know the pain you are suffering, I really would suggest you see the Dr as there are so many illnesses that have your symptoms. Why don't you write it all down so you don't forget. There may be more than one reason for what you have described. Please let me know how you get on, gentle hugs. Izzy x

  • Thank you Izzy. I appreciate your reply very much and more so the hugs.

    You have a peacefull day


  • Apart from the sleeping so long as unfortunately I am member of the insomniacs club your symptoms are very like mine. I did find that physio gwveme some exercises which has helped a bit and I certainly feel I walk better now.

    Like lz I feel you should go to the doctors and have a proper diagnosis as this sort of pain can be caused by other things rather than fibro so it is best to have those eliminated.

    Please let us know how you get onx

  • Thank you rosewine. I am an insomniac too. Only last few weeks sleep type changed however some nights I seemed to wake up almost every hour and drop back again.

    Thank you very much again for your speedy reply, It is comforting. Hopefully nothing bad will be the cause and hopefully I will explain my symptoms clearly to the doctor.

    I wish you a very good day. X

  • I've had your pain or very close to it. I'm having some of it now. Part of it I believe is from sleeping the extended hours you're not used to because your hips and legs are in positions that are being sustained much longer than they are used to. The muscles, ligaments and tendons, get tired and painful at being stretched for so long in one position. It can be very painful. It does fade as you get up and move around and after a few hours into your day. Does this sound like any of your pains?

    Some of it can be due to not exercising and not having the muscle strength to support the specific areas that get sore. Using pillows to put under your knees and so forth can be helpful, but sometimes they get pushed away as you move around in your sleep and then you end up hurting and in trouble without the support you need. This is where some exercises that you get assigned to do can help.

    You may find you need a support pillow for your lower back when you sit. I now can't use mine, my needs have changed and I must use a thick towel only but it sure feels good! Exercises which strengthen your abdomen muscles help support your lower back. I wish I did mine more often.

    Constipation: Have you tried stool softeners every morning after breakfast and also in the evening to keep regular? Or something like Benefiber? It dissolves clear in water and isn't thick or gross at all to drink. It's like drinking water. Prunes work for some people.

    These are just some ideas to consider. You may need to see your Dr. about the pain all down your legs because that can be coming from a nerve that's impinged in your spine---only your Dr. can determine that. I wish you all the best and hope your problems get resolved very soon.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply SueSz,

    And thank you for the few good points here I appreciate them. However as I mentioned earlier I have been an insoniac for many years. I started to sleep long hours last 3-4 weeks which was I think few weeks after my back problems started. But I know what do you mean, during the sleep we can have bad postures and wake up sore.

    Take care

  • could be sciatica or as already stated a lot of different things. Get some answers from your Doc. Hassle him or her (nicely) until you get an answer. If you are not in front of them how do Docs know you are suffering?

    Good luck

  • Thank you Rosiered I very much appreciate your support.

    I have seen the GP this afternoon. She looked puzzled and couldn't understand the new change about oversleeping. She gave me urin test kit in case of kidney trouble/inflammation. Didn't see need for blood test(s). For ovaries she said she checked them back in November. When I asked that this only started 6-8 weeks ago she replied that I don't need another one now. (Funny thing is I saw the doctor beginning of February about insomnia and she prescribed me Melatonin tablets which I haven't started taking them yet.) And she looked at my file and said "Wear and tear" might be causing the pain. That's all and I am back at home now with my pains. I don't know where to go from here now.

  • I have similar issues but am male. I have been through the pain clinic process twice. I wholeheartedly agree with SueSz above. Sometimes inactivity while feeling good can cause us another set of problems by our muscles and ligaments becoming locked. My physio was very good he said it is not actual exercise I have to do but movement. Just gentle movement of the body and limbs, much of which can be done in bed or a chair. Just gently no pain just what your comfortable with, this has certainly helped me. But there is the possibility of a trapped nerve as well. Perhaps see GP and get referral to hospital pain clinic.

    Best of luck


  • Thank you Patrick, for the supportive and sound advice.

  • My pleasure. I forgot to say that I get Doucotose from my GP which helps me go regularly but the constipation still drives me nuts! I have a lot of books in my loo!

    Patrick x

  • Hi ABC100

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I have a similar back / leg pain to what you have described and I have a compressed sciatic nerve giving me sciatica. Despite this, what you have described could be all related to Fibro? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You are so kind Ken, Thank you.

    I also feel for you sciatica pain is awful. I am not sure whether you tried osteopathy for it. For my own trouble I now started reading "Nourishing Broth" book. Quite interesting and full of promises.

    Take care and have a peacefull day

  • Since using the hydrotherapy pool at my local hospital after referral by physiotherapist, I have not had sciatica this winter which has been a blessed relief. Cannot say the hydro cures my fibro but it is wonderful to get into the very warm water and exercise with more ease, it helps a lot.

  • Even I do think that you should try Osteopathy. I recently read in an article that this approach( physiomobility.com/osteopat... ) aids in the restoration of normal movements and proper mobility of the body parts. Hope you'll get back to living life on your terms soon.

    Take care and keep updating.

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