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Help gall bladder ? no it is not/ its rib pain

Hi ever one hope your day is a bit less painful.

OK it goes like this, for the past few year had flare ups or pain thinking it was Gall stone's been sent to have scan and man at the scan say, could be your (bye ducks)?? when back to me gp and was told it is my rib.s ?? as anyone else herd of this, the pain some time's take your breath away so very pain full.

Now been getting pain in my feet and at one time could hardly walk for 3 weeks.

last night was awake ever hour as in so much general fibro pain.

i just don't know what to do , have an appointment with my doctor on Friday don't know what he will do as he is not a fibro doctor .

Now i normal don't complain, but i am just a bit fed up at the moment, because my body just don't want to do what i want .

And by the way the other doctor said if i go away and lose 3 stone in weight and if i still have the pain then come back as he said it is the rib's that when i eat/drink my rib are crashing me ?? anyone else of this or am i going mad ??

Just to let you know my spelling not up to it and i keep for getting stuff ?

thank you all for your comments in advance.

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I'm so sorry you are having rib pain. I've also had pain in my ribs whenever my fibro flares up (thankfully not at the moment, I'm in a really good phase for pain!). When it does flare the pain is in several parts of my ribs - across the top where the collar bone is, and also towards the bottom on both sides, it feels like I have broken ribs - I did actually break 3 ribs in a fall a few years ago but the pain is in both sides so not just due to that!

You might ask your doctor to refer you to a Rheumatologist with whom you can discuss your symptoms further?

I do wish GPs wouldn't say go away and lose weight! It's so easy to say and so difficult to do. I know when my GP alludes to weight being the problem I simply feel a lot worse, feel guilt as well as in pain. I have a friend who is very lightweight and has fibro symptoms too so it's not all about weight... I sometimes think it's easier for GPs to blame things on weight because then they have an answer and don't have to feel so helpless to come up with an answer.

Keep your chin up!



HI thank you for that , will be going doc's on friday and will ask to see Rheumatologist x


Oh, yes - I used to have a mate who was decidedly on the chunky side (much like my good self!), and her doctor's standard response was that she needed to lose weight, to the point that he even said it when she went to him with a sore throat!

Let's face it, it's always going to be the weight, smoking, or age - nice get-out clauses for the minority (or majority?) of medical professionals who couldn't give a fig!

Sara xx


Hmmm ok I have had my gallbladder out... The pair was unbearable in my back in my ribs my OH phoned an ambulance I had a scan done confirmed lots of gallstones I had my gall bladder out ..... But I also suffer from chostochondritis which is rib pain where the ligaments join the breast bone ( front) spine ( back) and that pain is pretty horrendous too ( and that is a common fibro thing) Just to confuse you further my OH is having his gallbladder out tomorrow his pain was totally different to mine horrendous pain under his right ribs but when he is sick the pain goes immediately...

In the past year I have also cracked 4 ribs the last 2 only a fortnight ago .

If you have been told it could be your bile ducts .. That's linked to gallbladder... I wold suggest you go to your gp.. Forget your fibro and say I am in pain I think it might be gallbladder / bile ducts and ask for further testing.... Often when we go to the gp and say I am not sure If this is fibro.... The gps often thnk yeah.. Probably is and don't open themselves up the possibility that there is something totally normal that everyone can get that isn't fibro linked... My OH has suffered with his gallbladder for a year so it could possibly be that. Please go to your gp and try and get further tests done

Good luck

VG x


thanks will write this now for when i go to doc's


I'm having trouble at mo and I'm waiting for further investigations into gall bladder. ~My gp is pretty good he always sends me for tests just in case its something else it usually ends up fibro but he does check first.

The losing weight thing, my mum had copd and she was put on crash diet because the extra weight was crushing her lungs and making it harder for her to breath. It did help losing weight. I know that these days everything is stop smoking and lose weight. I find losing weight very difficult with medication and physically cant exercise. x


2007 had a scan which confirmed inflamed gall bladder/ two huge gall stones. Symptoms were: Horrendous pain (just for a change lol), sickness, diarrhoea, exhaustion. Trouble is of course so many of our symptoms seem to overlap and 1/2 the time I cant work out what's causing a whole variety of different types of pain and flu-type symptoms, stomach problems etc. etc. etc...... Anyway, cant operate because too dangerous to give me general anaesthetic, cant zap them (keyhole surgery can be done using local) because stones are too big. BUT ( and this really does help me ) try cutting out dairy (there are plenty of good alternatives), use lower fat options where possible, and try reducing wheat.

You have my sympathy, & I wish you well. :)


hi i have pain on right side under ribs. i had an ultra sound and have gall stone's and booked to have them out in January as pain is so bad. maybe ask to have an ultra sound as i thought it was my fibro playing


Rosylyn thank you have had a scan and they said it was not Gall stone's but bile duck etc

so no i have not got stone's just a large gall bladder but still getting pain, as if i had gall stome's ie my rib's hurt aswell so no one knows what it is.


thank you all for your replys will be looking into it a bit more when i go to doctor's not gall stone's ie ribs etc thank you


Sharron, I have this pain as well. Had gall bladder out 35 years ago but still suffer from the pain and it has been found that I have a dilated bile duct which sometimes when I dont watch what I eat it becomes inflammed and the pain is just the same as gall ballder pain. Not much they can do except just watch your diet and no greasy food. Lets know how you get on, I,d be very interested.


to all

spent hours at hospital yesterday and still ahd same prob.huge abdomen adn solid hard lumpy mass.yet still doesnt tellme anything except taht Drs dont here somewhere taht people have cyst but unrecogfnised on all scans.


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