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its over

thats it ive had enough im packing my bags and running away life is rubbish work is rubbish i want to scream im sick of being looked at as a liar and a fraud and im sick of all the dirty looks it makes me want to scream get over your self your lucky you dont have to live with this now leave me alone

you explain things to people they act all im sorry i understand then behind your back they talk about you then forget what you said or dont really listen and your back to square one im sick of it

sorry i had to rant as i want to scream and i got up in such hi spirits to blah

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Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry you're feeling so rotten love.

I'm not sure what to say! It's very true that people don't always understand how we feel, we haven't got a broken arm with a cast on or whatever, they can't see that we are in pain. It's terrible that people think you are a fraud and give dirty looks. Who does this to you?

If you're packing your bags and running away, can we all come please?

Hope you feel happier later, have a coffee and a chat on here. Can't make you feel better exactly but might help to stick around here for a while and have a chat? Wish I could be more helpful.

Hugs Sue, xxx


im in such a mood sue i dont know what to do to calm myself and its all over a silly little thing i dont know why im so upset but i can feel it inside me its awful

its people at work and people in the street they see you with a stick and give dirty looks it make syou feel awful but work has got to me most i was full of joy till then


Hi again Sarah,

I'm so sorry I wasn't here to reply to your post, I went off galavanting!! Well, shopping with a friend which is a rare treat for me.

Having this fibro doesn't help our mood when we're in pain and feeling a bit rubbish so if people are treating you in that way, of course you're going to feel upset.

I can't understand why anyone would look at anyone else with a stick and give dirty looks. I used to walk past people in the town with sticks and wonder what was wrong, maybe arthritis or something but now I spend more time wondering and feel much more sympathetic that I used to - although I was never unsympathetic of course. I have been known to strike up a conversation with people who have sticks or are in a wheelchair since I was diagnosed.

They are ignorant and whilst we can let it go over our heads sometimes, it's not always possible is it.

I would love to say stare back, smile and say hello, ok? but you probably wouldn't feel like it. They would hopefully then be embarrassed.

I haven't read the other posts s sorry if I'm repeating more or less when someone else has said.

Hope you feel a bitter better this afternoon.

Hugs Sue xxx


thanks sue i did feel better by the afternoon and got up this morning with a different attitued my new moto is i am as i am if you dont like it you know where the door is and ive had so much fun today acting in a way i want to not how others think i should


Good for you!! :)

Be yourself at all times, s*d everyone else. Really pleased to hear you feel better. xxx


So sorry that people dont understand and go behind your back

I wish you all the very best

gentle soothing Hugs



thanks chris that totally made sense


Hi hon, i know, its crap, Ive felt like that sometimes too. Why dont you take a bit of time off work, allow yourself to feel ill for a few days and just relax, its ok to do that. Dont worry about anyone else, this condition messes with your mind and makes you senitive. And, its really hard for people to understand something they cant see or feel for themselves. Obviously you cant go on like this and only YOU can make some positive changes. Dont know what meds you are on but you need to revisit your GP and tell him/her how you're feeling. After neally 18 years of FMS, Im abit of an old hand at it and I believe that the only thing that helps this vile condition (apart from the normal healthy life style changes of diet and exercise etc) is pain relief and nerve sedation, hope you're feeling abit better soon x


Awww sarah i am sorry you feel like that hun,

That is exactly why i dont tell peole now. :(

There are only two friends who i can talk to, one is my sister in law who is my best friend and my other best friend who is getting dx with MS so she definatly understands.

I just cant be bothered with the whole (well she is walking ok today) when i wasnt yesterday, if you get what i mean.

They will never understand what we go through just to get out of bed nevr mind everything else.

I just want to send you a big gentle hug, and i hope you feel better about the whole situation soon.

hugs, kel xxxx


kel that is so true i totally know what you mean


Hi, I can completely understand where you are coming from. I have had it for years.....however I now just stick my fingers up at them. If they really care about you they will understand, you sure find out who your mates are!!!

I am sorry to hear however that you are upset about it....and quite understandably!!!

You know how you feel....just retort to these people and say, " I really hope you don't get this and if you do, you'll understand one day!!!!! xxx


Hi Sarah

I was feeling like this a week ago, i am so fed up trying to explain to people that somedays are better than others and even if i am managing to walk to the shop it doesnt mean i am not in agony by the time i get back, some days are worse than others its just hard for people to not believe unless they see/feel for themselves.

Take some time off and spend it on yourself if you can. But eventually like others have suggested you need to tell them how you feel, i think i got bad so quick because i didnt and bottled it up.

Try have a good day hun, gentle hugs for you. xx


hi sarah, i can understand what you are feeling. my own family are always making nasty remarks about me too. i have two lil girls to look after and a house to run. my own grandfather made a comment telling me that i must have a magic wand cuz some days i am so ill and in bed and other times i am fine and he does not know how i do this... all members of my family like to tell me that i need to exercise because i am fat and that i need to change my diet. i have explained that i can not exercise because it causes pain and then i am unable to look after my girls properly. and i do not eat junk food but it is my meds that have helped put weight on. if asked they would not even be able to tell you what i have. but they think they know how to treat it. they are all discusting.


i know you feel as well. sometimes i get like that and i want to do is hide in bed all day. omg what about the dirty looks we get when parking in a disabled bay from the public. why is she parking their she don't look sick/disabled. that really winds me up when people that don't even know you make remakes about you parking in disabled bay.

take care hun. Lou.xx


now this i totally agree with i had a woman do it to me and her face when she saw my stick was a picture i wanted to tell her thats what you get for judging a book by its cover


hi sarah,

chin up! :) Everyone I come into contact makes me feel this way, although everyone elses "same" situations are not helping you. I printed off some info, put it on the staff board at work for my staff to read on the off chance they would, all it takes is 1 to read it, then talk about what they have read to others for info to get round. It worked in my situation to a slight amount...but sometimes that small amount helped. No one will ever understand completely unless they suffer with it, they cant its impossible, but its getting the message accross to people to try to understand that little bit even is a start. I get my family and hubby to read small bits at a time, so 1 i dont bore them, and 2 to try to break through that family attitude of " if i pretend u are fine then u are" which is not just annoying, its upsetting too. dont give up though, they aint worth it people like that.xxxxx carollynn.xxxx


hi sarah.

i really feel for you as im in the same position. on here is a post called "letter to normals" it explains things to the people in your family and friends but im sure it can be adapted to suit your needs. i gave it to my daughter last nite and it really sank in for her then that altho you cant see it, its a cruel and disabling illness. she just looked at me with these sorrowful eyes and said that she was so sorry that she hadnt understood.

i have no idea how to put a link on her so maybe somebody could help with that?

if you ever need anything, however small, you will always have people who understand and will listen and comfort you as best we can.

i get extremely wound up about things and altho i would always stress that you mujst check with your dr, i use Kalms, as i find this helps to take the edge off.

lots of love and a very gentle hug lto you

love chilli xxx


* hug, altho my grandsons, who live with me have a lovely word so if you need a "huggle" you are welcome to one of them too


love chilli xxx


hi it is ok really we all know hoew you feel it is awful but the thing is we have all got this and we cant change it so we have to adapt to it and yes it is hard and some days i am like you i jus wanna get in my car and drive away somewhere but i wouldnt and i cant i got all my family i was only missing last night for 2 hours and my partner /mum/dad were going nuts as i had text them i was having meal with my si and nieces but where we were there was no signal so they eventually got hold of my youngest daughter and she old them where i was but we really have to try to get on as best we can but you do have to let it out too its not good to keep it in now you take care and rant all like on here we are all here for you really we are love to you diddle x


Hi sweetheart, I can't add much to what other people have posted, but we all do understand how you feel, I've had a few days like it and had enough. But I come on here and it helps to chat to other people who know how you feel.

Sending you many gentle hugs and blessings xx



hi sarah,i understand how you feel,when i go out in my wheelchair people stare at me!i have piercings&tatoos but im disabled!hubby says look out freak coming through cos he says they stare!i feel like sticking out my tounge!in away i blame the PM cos he goes on all the time about how disabled should go to work,how there are benifit scroungers,well we are not scroungers,but yes in real world there are some,but dont look at us like we are liers&freeks cos we use chairs or sticks!keep strong hold your head high,your in pain like they dont understand but you can carry on!im new on here but its so nice&frindly here!love&hugs xxx


Hey Lollipop, I hope you've got your tongue pierced if you're guna stick it out at people,lol!!!! Seriously tho, Sarah, Ive been on here for just a little while and find everyone SO nice.We all have a rant now and again and I think we're entitled. Not only that, we all understand each other, so go for it!! Ive put a brave face on things all my life and IM SICK OF IT!!!!!! Been diagnosed with Fibro for about 16 yrs but believe Ive had it MUCH longer, maybe all my life and it AINT MUCH FUN, but we're stuck with it.WE all KNOW how we feel and how much pain we're in, its just making people LISTEN and understand. Huggles to you, and everyone.See ya later, Fibro Family x


hi sarah if you runnig away can i come with as i have also had enough feel like my whole world is falling apart sick of being in daily pain and no one giving a dam its putting a strain on my marriage i could sream take care joanne x


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